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May 2016 · 186
Untitled Chronology
Larallel Bacher May 2016
I am at the edge,
A couple more troubles and I'm out,
I don't know how to keep this up,
As the days go by, i feel more dead,
At the end of the day I'm the one bearing the pain.

I can't keep holding on,
I've waited too long to be recognised,
Always the one being left behind,
With no one to turn to.

I can't keep this up,
The tears are streaming like the river,
The inevitable pain I'm going through,
The days feel meaningless.
May 2016 · 176
Giving up
Larallel Bacher May 2016
Everyday i feel a little broken inside,
always waiting to be fixed,
hoping someone would take the pain away,
leaving me with nothing except joy.

i was not one to quit,
but I'm at the edge,
i am nearly giving up,
i dont trust myself any longer.

i don't know how to be me anymore,
i don't know who I'm becoming,
everyday I'm hoping the curiosity will go,
even when i know nothing will be the same again.

— The End —