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L B Sep 2012
lightning strikes a thought an idea
an emotion...
a painting a poem a sculpture a song
universal to us theories and conceptions
memories imposed stamped in minds
like raindrops....
trickle down in the air round us create
like gods
visions soar... free your dreams
let them crystallize....a monument
a sky scraper a bridge a home
the chair beneath your ***
once an inspired notion
whispered in a brain
from the great beyond...

by l. b.
sept 5 2012
L B Sep 2012
under the seas
a ship sunk many years ago...
rusty now and fishes slip in and out
of her dark depths....
wandering corridors once floated
drifting dreams and chandeliers
people on a quest....
now lies dank cold and wet
their bones white as snow
sunk far beneath the waves
ghosts shimmer in the gloom
where sharks swim...
a woman's hair in currents sways
her eyes long gone...
her bony fingers grasping... reaching
for something far above
as fishes hide and seek
in her bones

by l. b.
sept 2012
L B Sep 2012
he awoke in the blazing the sound of rattles....his eyes sealed from dried tears...crack open to slits...before him a hazy light...and a snake slithering by....coils and recoiling....patterned in diamonds...a mirage of death in still he lay scarcely daring to breathe ******* the air into his the rattlesnake slowly retreats...from his prone form...and slides away into brush....he heaves a sigh and reaches for a canteen...shakes it and feels a slosh...the heat scorching his he slowly rises...and sees a horizon rippling end in sight....he was left alone when his partner robbed a bank and away they ran into the night....he drove the vehicle into the desert and ran out of gas....peddle pumping hopeless...his partner took off ...for help he said but waving a gun crazy he let him go he faces an endless hike...water nearly gone...his legs stiff and sore...cramped from lying on the hard ground....he stumbles on...and sees something hovering...a strange bird with red rings and wild eyes....speaks to him in a strange the man wanders and stops...the bird stretches out his wings...and soars off taking the man's soul with they fly over rocky ground...the man sees his life unfold....he was a runaway at the age of nine....he sees a sister walking selling her soul on rough streets...he sees a needle in his arm before he was fifteen...and losing the battle of life so young...he flies with the bird and sees more...he sees a life of crime start from little hope...he sees love so little of a girl who once believed in the bird turns in flight to gaze at him...he sees her eyes...dark with the man is flying...he cries...and his tears water the baked ground the bird settles lightly upon his soul...and frees him back to his body...where he find himself back in his one room cell....bars before him...and a ******* the other side...who loves him

by l. b.
sept 2012
L B Sep 2012
election time again
time for lying politicians
never saying good things
how can we expect them
to do good for us
go in that booth
push that button
may as well be a trigger
for all the good it does
one is just as bad
as the other
two choices...  
really none
write in a candidate
hope they win
in elections nobody wins
the same old game
replayed a thousand times
with same results
a broken system
ain't gonna change
it needs a whole new way
of doing things
a government for people
not for rich sons of guns
who make us tap dance
to their tune
i vote so they don't
take away that privilege
those in control would love it
if we all stayed home!
stop the wars
who will do that?
feed the poor
c'mon politicians
fund that!
educate our kids
healthcare for all
would be Great!
Vote for a new
the real change starts
with me and you!

by l b
sept 2012
L B Sep 2012
inside your arms
a thousand miles away
we lie close
as one throbbing heart
your words on my lips
your eyes in my lids
your skin over my bones
your fingers on my tips
we are merged one soul
blending light dark....
shadow in sunlight
your moon in my stars
soul to soul in flaming love
we lay here love making...
a thousand miles apart

by l. b.
sept 2012
L B Sep 2012
hidden from human sight
whilst glowing like a candle in the night
a ghostly wolf floats through the woods
staying to the shadows
as rays of light dance round her
a wolf white as frost pauses by the water
she lowers her head and sees a burning sky mirror
in the distance bells toll from a church
the clip clop of hooves on a bridge spanning the lake
as white wolf pauses... lifts her head
water drips golden ripples
the night settles soft as a raven's wing
as the cart sounds drift slowly away
leaving the sweetly singing woods
crickets loud in the gloom
as wolf waits sniffing the breeze
her spirit calling from a secluded glade
she walks alone her family now gone
all souls lost in a hunt
now she trots slowly in gathering dusk
each step brings her closer to her heart
a lone gray wolf pup in a hidden den
...awaits her

by l. b.
sept 3 2012
L B Sep 2012
a silent rippling pool inside my soul
reflecting all i am and all i want to be
hope to be dare to be... dare to dream
bigger than i am... i feel very small
but when i see her reflection... shining
in me.... i can believe in anything
hope grows in her eyes... mirroring mine
full of fear? no... her eyes are strength and
loving kindness.... in the flowing soul before me
liquefied and unified.... my love is timeless as
the water... changing and growing brighter
with each new tear drop each new rainfall
i believe in that girl in the mirror.... when i feel
defeated feeling low.... i see her smile beyond her tears
holding her head proud.... and i know i have that in me
she is holding my hand... reaching for my hidden heart
so we both glow... this is me in the mirror me.... this is she
in me.. wild child.... let her shine... set her free.... see her soar!

by l. b.
sept 1 2012
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