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kyla goodson Aug 2013
Disaster & heartache, but it doesn't stop there,
it's thought of & preached, but who really cares;
the poor, the rich, the white boys & thugs,
we're all the center of the joke to stereotypical punks;
but if you reach to the bottom & search for the meaning,
all this *******'s based on fixations & ludicrous teachings;
we follow their viewpoints just to prove that we're able,
but the "American Dream" still isn't stable;
poverty & exigency run like the rest,
like the men in the sky, with bombs strapped to their chest,
If you believe them, you're already trapped in their game,
They say you've got personal freedom, yet you're all raised the same;
nobody wants the reality, but they've defeated all hope;
when alliance is offered, the conversation is broke;
we spend all this time on building up "life",
we forget the meaning of whats wrong & whats right;
few still have givin qualities, hope they hold on til death,
cause others were proved cowards when faced with the test;
Unlike the hundreds who fight for our rights,
when they offer you honesty, you turn out the lights;
sincerity at its finest, benignant and pure,
while some just watch, others establish a cure;
but to think, thats only a nick on the board,
what bout the billions needed, but forced out to war;
but we let it all go, "****, it never happened to me,"
allowing yourself to only feel what you see;
thats cowardly, what if the next to go was a friend,
would you blow it off, step up, would you defend;
like dictators in the past, civilizations reaching the end,
but that doesn't stop ignorance from reeling um in;
all the lies and propaganda is their key to success,
i laugh at the fools who fail when faced with the test


— The End —