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Sep 2015 · 277
Late nights
Kody Banda Sep 2015
Thoughts of an insomniac
Time just passes u by
I don't realize things before my eyes
My addictions only thickens
My thoughts only sink deeper
In a constant abyss in my awoken conscienceness
Ignorance is bliss
Like the devils kiss
Goodbye so u find time
To be free and fly within the sky
But to be free in society
There is always a fee
It's like u Gata buy ur life in reality
People think I'm goin nowhere
But to be nowhere is where I wanna be
It opens doors to other expiriences
I wanna try everything
But I don't wanna be lonely
I think music is my passion
So I'll roll with the punches
My words crunched together in my lines and stanzas
But my words only tangle me
In the night it's like I'm closer to fatality
So who do I pay to see the day
Or who do I ask for time from
Cause it feels like seconds I'll see the kingdom come
But I don't have a currency
Not even a single bill
But it kills me everytime and that's my only thrill
I kinda wanna put my life on the line
With everyday and every rhyme
Cause people hate when u tell them things they don't wanna hear
But I'm here in this world only to pressure my peers
So I got a group of friends
We are on the same level
Tangible beliefs of life I can start a religion
Maybe I can change the world through my lyrics
But these critics only stop me from reaching my full potential
And credentials u need in life
To escape this struggle and strife
Of being that kid with nothing
So I'll use these words to cut like a knife
And pierce skin to infect blood
And flood the veins of what I think is right
So we take flight on this journey
We may crash and be taken out on gurneys
But it's about how we come back
We comeback stronger tha ever
Make some funky **** and make a new kinda rhythm
See now I don't got punch lines cause I'm not funny
I use metaphors and poetic justice
To reach people when they have nothing less
Than themselves in a long list of endeavors
But we remember where we came from
Never forget that
Cause that will be ur root to become an aristocrat
See that's the target I'm tryna hit
I wanna come off as spiritual cause no one has ever tried that
My people I look up to like Malcolm x and ghandi
See they fought for peace
And unleashed both extreme though and peacefulness to up the heat
On society itself
So how bout we take that step back
Realize what we got
And figure out what we really want out of all of this
So I never wanna miss the old me
But it only made me stronger
I wanna conquer every bad habit
But the loud pack got the best of me
So I write this is my drug
I write only to inspire and create
Emotions of people to break outta that crate
You can't live in a box cause we were gifted with thought
So our past generations fought for this freedom
Stray awak from the group
Make your own pathway
This only leads to success and creativity
Maybe u can be the president or the astronaught
Like u said when u were a kid
But my English teacher told me he hated English as a kid
How ironic
So I only exhale chronic to make u people crazy
Cause my minds all hazy from this longness to be
Or just exist
And fix everything wrong with this world
If I can influence one I will influence all
I'll make this **** real one day
And create my own passion pit
Cause I don't come from much
Hard work and thought is what I was taught
My moms was my dad
She was also my mentor
Told me I could be a trash man just have a love for it
So I found music
This **** makes me unleash this imagination
So I can reflect and make people refer to revelations of different nations
But for now I'll just sit here and write
And insight my future will be bright
I see the light or shroud of something
It's nearly in my grasp
Now I fall asleep
And take my final gasp
Of air
As if nothing was every there
Nothing to fear here
Cause this is only the first tier
Of being blessed
With a talent
But what I wish for Christmas
Is to make a dent
With every note and melody
So as far as I see
This is only the start of me
Sep 2015 · 192
Kody Banda Sep 2015
Have you ever made eye contact with the homeless
You stare into there eyes
Filled with lonesome was like a part of you dies
You wonder where they stay
Pray and even sleep
They stay hungry endless nights over
To those cold nights in October to the restless ones having to stay in government funded ones which Obama runs
You say your givin back man that ***** wak
People talking about blowin a fat stak
Meanwhile we got people eating trashed Big Macs
Tend to take this life **** for granted
Man **** I don't even know how to file for tax being returned
Money being currtened cause our nation in debt
But we expect too much sometimes
You stay on your own grind and get caught up in some crimes
Rough times call for desperate measures
Frim the poor mans liquors to the athletes getting quicker
Where does this money go
People travel full throttle
Just to find out happiness is nothing more than crying and drowning in a bottle
Sep 2015 · 969
Under the mango tree
Kody Banda Sep 2015
The other day I passed by a homeless family
All 10 sitting under a mango tree
They didn't have much but they seemed happy
Now here we learn a valuable lesson
We don't need money to solve everything
Maybe peace is a lot more simpler
Smile show a simple or two
Or try to have a conversation with someone new
We all co exist in a world that was meant to be limitless
But now we engage in a never ending conflict
That's so sick, it makes me nauseous
So let's be cautious
Of how we let the young kids talk
It can go from a computer screen to a life long sentence and a death row walk
Cause look ignorance is bliss
And we can't pass this
We learn to respect and prioritize
But we fail to realize that this can also lead to carelessness
It's nothing less than how we carry ourselves
We minimize this never ending flow or we criticize
So *** it who cares what he's wearing
Your tearing this kid apart with his tagged clothes
But you don't know the story
Never had anything like a young Kody
Grew up in the projects a 12 story building
Moms a crack addict never tried rehabilitatin
Dad works 9-5 trying to fulfill his families ever needs
Living off of food stamps and EBT
This **** is no acting like TNT
Plenty was never in his vocabulary
He prays to god and at times asks "why me"
Feels like he's being beat
Feels like everything is getting worse in this universe
So next time you think you are cursed with having it worse
Listen to my words and every verse
Cause world peace is key
It helps us create an ideal reality
Sep 2015 · 171
The abyss
Kody Banda Sep 2015
Yes, my addiction sickens me at times
But people must realize they don't see from my eyes
It's like a living hell, I feel immobilized
It feels like the sun rays bounce off my skin just right
It feels like a pheasant taking it's first flight
At this moment is when real life hits, here's a quick insight
I don't rest at night
If anything it's the time I'm most awake
I'm consumed in my own thought
I ask "why does my brain function this way"
I'm left In dismay still to today
I never stop processing and run out of things to say
Oh my god! Minds sinking deeper
Everything's spinning I'm in loops like an emotional roller coaster
Till it finally stops
I awake right now
I write this because I'm scared
Only to fall deeper
My mind is on an incline though
But not the good kind
I question who I am
Am I even "I"
To understand this one must rely
On outside sources
But when that happens I'm put on my different life courses
Not one individual is the same
So when "I" do this who is to blame

— The End —