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Kimberly Rose Nov 2015
He could be anything in this ******* world,
But he is never going to be you.
Kimberly Rose Sep 2015
Just tell me that you love me.
I do not care
If you mean it right now,
Or if you mean it next week,
Or if you mean it next month,
Or if you mean it next year.
Just grab my hand
And kiss my lips
And let those green eyes
Meet the worlds that live inside my blue eyes
And softly tell me the sweetest little lie.
As long as in our little forever,
We find a day where you think that statement to be true.
Kimberly Rose Sep 2015
I do not love you.

I fell in love with the way
You asked me to hold your hand
And you squeezed so tightly that
I couldn’t forget that you were there.
I love the way you lit up my sky with
More than just falling stars
And crescent moon spotlights,
But with those bright green eyes
And that sparkle in your smile.
I love the way you let me
Hold your arm
And mess up your hair
And sing you songs
And cry into your sweaters
And fall asleep against your shoulder
Like when I fell apart silently beside you.
And I think I fell in love when
You kissed my wrists because
I really don’t think you knew
How much that meant to me, did you?

I’ll swear to God that I’m not in love with you,
But that won’t keep me from falling.
Kimberly Rose Aug 2015
I swear to God, I could be the best **** thing you have ever had.
I want nothing more than to drink coffee with you while tangled in sheets and to grab your hand while it is still warm from the cup, and feel it wrap around my small and dainty fingers. I want your bare skin against mine in the most innocent way. I want to stain your cheeks, hands, and lips with the prints of my favorite shade of lipstick. I want to dance around the living room and laugh as we trip over our own shoes because God knows we were both cursed with two left feet. I want you to be the one that fills the empty void that has been created by all of those that have run away in the past, taking with which they have touched. I want to listen to your heartbeat until it becomes my favorite lullaby. I want to find adventure with you in something as simple as going to the grocery store. I want to fall in love with you the same way I fell in love with the moon when I was only ten years old. I want to hear I love you’s in the tune of your voice so many times that I begin to believe it. I want to make your hair a mess while doing the opposite with your life. I want to be the lucky one that gets to kiss your neck and hold you close when you’re silently falling apart. I want to show you that the sparkle in your eyes shines brighter in my world than any star in the sky hanging above our love-drunk heads.
Just kiss my cheek and twirl my hair while I write poems and novels and love songs about the ******* beauty of your existence.
Kimberly Rose Aug 2015
She started to write again and her eyes were reopened.
a ten word story
Kimberly Rose Jun 2015
You were the rainstorm of joyful souls
Filled with vibrance and life
With splashing puddles against dancing feet
And the feeling of having more than just a pulse,
But possibly a purpose or a reason.
You were the light for the hopeless,
The lantern of chances
That shined through the darkest alleys
With shadows cast by the moon.
You were the calm and crazed paradox of the ocean
With a heart that was created to live
And a mind that was made to be tame
But a life that was caught in a whirlwind of riptides and tsunamis.
You were the green of the grass
And the pink, purple, and orange of the sunset
With the varying shades of blue and green from the sea.
You were the wonders of my own world
And the Hell of your own.
Kimberly Rose Jun 2015
"I want to have conversations with you at 4 am when we're both out of our minds and dazed in sleep deprivation. I want to sleep in a twin bed with you lying next to me in my high school sweatshirts and plaid, baggy pajama bottoms. I want to kiss you like the bees kiss the flowers and like the sun kisses the sea. I want to sing to you in the car and listen to the quiet buzz of you humming along. I want to be there when you find beauty in not only the sky, but the world below it. I want to navigate my way through that maze of a heart just to find even more beauty and love in your soul. I just want to be so deeply in love with you that drowning becomes a privilege."
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