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Kelly Apr 2017
A tad on the quiet side,
I have my articles do the talking.

Telling a story
about an event I saw;
there is nothing more thrilling.

Though my name is smaller
than the title,
I'm still a big deal.

Questions ready, pen poised--
writing is where you hear my voice.
for a friend in journalism :)
Kelly Mar 2017
There's layers
upon layers
of foundation
in my poems
that create
houses upon houses
for a girl who longs
to find home.

Each word
is a brick
that builds
and builds,
leaving onlookers
in awe
at the site
before them.

Each metaphor is
the cement
that holds
my words

The door,
once shut,
is now open
for anyone wanting
to come inside.

And my emotions
are the roof
of these houses,
sitting atop
each and every poem
and making
each house a home
for different parts
of my soul.
Kelly Feb 2017
Your love for me is gravity
I don't see it
but I feel it all around me
in the way it keeps me grounded
while at the same time
allows me to roam freely
and forge my own destiny.

Yet no matter how far I travel,
I will always
gravitate back to you.
Kelly Feb 2017
We came together
because our ancestors brought
us to each other,
weaving us as one
like the way
they did with baskets,
poised and precise.

Two distinct
pieces of bamboo
skillfully woven
into one entity--
our ancestors
couldn't have known it,
but their action
changed our lives
for the better.
for my best friend
Kelly Feb 2017
Tell me everything
and I'll write your words
on my skin
every inch of my body
so that even though
they'll fade
they'll always be
a part of me

Like my heart
I won't see them
but I'll feel them
pressing against my chest
each beat a reminder
that you'll always be with me
Kelly Jan 2017
Struck by your beauty,
I try to paint you with words.
I'm a slave to you.
Kelly Jan 2017
She is rain
in the way
you feel her
all around you,
soaking you with
everything she is,
the feel of it
reaching deep
in your bone.

She is snow,
a collection of
unique snowflakes
coming at you
in a beautiful flurry.

She is the clouds--
when she is around,
it's impossible to
overlook her presence.

She is a hurricane,
her effect on people
widespread and unavoidable;
she is a tornado
in the way she pulls you in,
wrapping you tightly
as she does in her hugs;
she is a tsunami
because she loves
with everything she's got,
a tidal wave crashing down on you.

But mostly
she is a sunny day--
warming you,
shining down on you,
letting you know
everything will be okay.
For a friend of mine
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