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Our hearts skip a beat
when fed with the delusion
that we have time in this world
to possess.  
Like a child
we think we own the burning flame
of the candle
standing with no attention
to arrest.  
We are content to be lured in every season
And still yet,
the skies of ourselves
never rests.

We keep our eyes closed,
looking for some other way
to find
everything there is.
of how the sun holds our hands.  
Still,  gently we leave in place
an ache
that prepares us
for the broken windows in our lives
to be like feathers  
with a present
of living free
without demands.
Copyright @2015 - Neva Flores-Smith - Changefulstorm
I glimpse your eyes staring at the shadows in my soul
Seeking to calm the wildly rushing storm
Keeping my heart out of control
Unable to keep
The beat
Pulsating whole

I stare into eyes seeking to calm the storms
To make my heart their own
Leaving chambers once cold now warm
My heart begins to pulsate
To the beat
Of a song, it's always known

Buried longings softly rush, to be finally freed
From this heart out of control
Once a half now pulsates complete
Your eyes chase shadows
Calming storms,
My heart
Returns to whole
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Revised: 11/28/2011
I take a hot long shower
At this odd hour
The sun is long set
As i get soaking wet
The water washes away the dirt
And with it all the hurt
My muscles relax and my brain sighs
In here i sever all ties
The constant sound of water against tiles
So many long miles
Consideration took into account
Conditions to be deliberated
Planning in advance
Kept a count

Their intentions set in mind
Way ahead of time
If compassion, were to be
Handed out

Sympathy checked in with feelings
Seeking out the strongest surge
While sorrow and misfortune began reeling
Within an
Empathetic urge

Frightened panic cried out in dismay
At sympathies fearlessness
While unkind words unmercifully
Shook the day
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Darkness had fallen over as the minutes crawled
Far down the road to belief
Standing on a small covered porch I saw
His painful lines of strain
Turn into relief

A handful might have suspected, turned on all the lights
Seen the streak of dirt on his forehead
How his eyes happened to seek out the night
Real fear shot through my breast
Then quickly spread

I knew if I tried to stop him, said a single word at all
No one else could see his fraying edge
They turned away from the vision, but I can recall
Something hauntingly familiar
Crying from a ledge

Air burned into my lungs as I gasped for breath
A silent scream struggled within
Darkness had fallen over spilling into death
The road to belief was drawn closer
As I remembered then

His eyes, happened to seek me out the night
He pushed me over the ledge
Now he has returned to turn off all my lights
And no one suspects
His fraying edge

*Happy Halloween
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Pain can be inflicted with suffering so great
By Cruelty’s powerful hand
When she heartlessly touches upon your fate
Taking your life, in her command

Now Terror, is Cruelty’s sister in pain
Jealous and filled with hate
She takes great pleasure in helping her reign
Extreme fear, is their helpmate

Compassionate motions of kindness are extended
When generous Mercy steps into view
One can see a graceful clemency offered, unsaid
In his forgiving eyes, of blue

A state of serenity will begin washing you clean
When sweet Peace enters the case
Holding his vision of Mercy steady and keen
A look of tranquility on his face

Let us not ever forget Pity, the one in the fold
Feeling sorrow over your pain
He will always gently extend his hand to hold
As long, as your suffering remains

However, everything changes when Love steps in
More powerful than all the rest
Overcoming the rampage of Cruelty’s reign
I would say, she is the best
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
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