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kdpgrahi Oct 2010
Hot steams curl up from the cup
the paled tea has a smile
hiding somethign mischievous
As if a flood flashed in the Nile

Giggles from the newspapers have their wink
It is to spruce up? But no more than a sink
the weather is inclement with a cover of cloud
Sun is burried inside, my mind under a shroud

Something fishy is around the corner
And serious topics on the back burner?
Just wondering where I have to go
to-day is as usual or special
I have to know

She leaned towards me
and asked to what I am up
Nothing Hunny,
It is the storm in my tea cup
kdpgrahi Sep 2010
From nowhere she is kind to appear back
my heart was beating in my neck
and every itch which turned and burned
More and more to be learned

I wanted her to flow like a liquid
Over my whole body from top to the heel
the coldness which I can find
A sense of freshness and rejuvenation I feel

She haunted not as a face but a feeling best,
no figures, no icons, only a warming taste.
A cool breeze from the ocean
A thrilling never before seen

I figure your fingers down my spine
Please make me yours, i'll make you mine
The world will find two feelings entwined
The song of life better rhymed
kdpgrahi Sep 2010
I am at the sea, uninvited and frantic
To be one with it like Mississippi with Atlantic
standing all alone  undecided and uncertain
Like the unaccustomed soul of a man

Perplexed with its charming mischief
of swelling heavy, harsh and rough
I am at its mercy of finding a clue
When at times it is boisterous
With white crests but serene
Often calm and blue

The tread wind gets into my blood
fills with an impatience
for the unknown
Billows stretching around
Causing forget the vanishing youth
yearning a desire for life
But the Sun setting at the horizon

Fleecy clouds at the far end
A sense of sand and mound
Only some melancholy gulls around
Nothing more but a desolation, brooding
It is an empty desert
With a vague foreboding ?
kdpgrahi Sep 2010
I do not know for how long
I am standing here,
alone all by myself
All are shamelessly coming and going
just in my front, to and fro and fro and to
I can not help
It is their fault.

At times somebody stops
Looks at me
and casts a giddy frown
nose curled eye brow upped?
I can not help
It is their fault

I can not understand
The passersby's wantonness
the scandalous carelessness
their sheer idiocy
What to me that's their fault

Finally some vagabond
hurtled to me with impunity
asked me why my dress is no more
my  body is bare
the hair disheveled
the chest bone is nakedly visible
I exclaimed,
looked to me
more closely, intimately
Is it to be ashamed of?
After all it is not me
Not at all I swear
It is their fault
kdpgrahi @ 2010
kdpgrahi Sep 2010
The Road ahead I prepare to travel
Full of holes and moles  between metal and gravel
Replete with a series of frightening bumps
I have to drive anyway over the stumps

Roads are lonely and instill awe
Never tell the  journey leads to where
Most often tend to paint  despair
Makes one bewildered how to care

The hope of meeting an exotic fairy
not bothering the journey how dreary
Hope and expectations keep us moving
meeting somebody so caring and loving

The road becomes lengthened
and Goal post is far from sight
still I have no choice but to cross the bend
to continue the journey with all my might
kdpgrahi Aug 2010
When I look at you curiously you are at the horizon
I muster courage to be closer bewildering to walk or run
I always seem to be at the same distance unable to catch up
Trying, trying and trying hard to cover up, and to make a patch up
You are standing alone at the far end
Not seeming to move
Like an hermit without family or friend
No motion or inertia and nothing  ever to prove?

Who made you such strong and whence your strength?
How you weather the Sun and Rain and maintain the length?
Do not grudge anything and tell me the secret
I ever longing to be with you, to close the bracket
kdpgrahi Jul 2010
When mushrooms grow and frogs crow
There seems a rush of water
between to separate bodies

The sky is sparkled
with an unprecedented glow
when one curls around the other
ignited  to explore
and somewhere to plough

It is frogs and mushrooms
that herald the day
Nobody minds how long it lasts
Never finds if it's  sea or bay

When the color of blood
reluctantly turns to be blue
The glimmering eyes
finally try to see what may be the clue
(C) Kdpgrahi@July 2010
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