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Katie Meadows Sep 2012
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honey,douse me, in your imagination,
in your agony,
in your bliss,
and in your love,

pantheon.of. absence.

let me taste your world,

I know that it may break me,
but from my ashes,

will emerge purity,

a non loathing creature,
or we can only hope.

it wasn't enough,

I'll burn myself out on reckless wishes.

my faith is shaken now like its never been before,


drown me.
its my only hope.
its my only home,

for another chance,

for my only chance.
Jun 2010 · 603
oh stop it now.
Katie Meadows Jun 2010 just are..

....i really don't think you understand..

how can i?
if you don't explain yourself..

pour me a drink,
*****,and you're pretty much guaranteed a disheveled destruction of me.

who'd think?

it's a repeat I suppose..

what's on your mind? probably don't wanna know,
Jun 2010 · 618
it's raining outside.
Katie Meadows Jun 2010
to what i am lead to believe,

you hold strong,

and with a shrug,
you brush off your discontent thoughts,
and put them aside,

only a beholder can decide,

and in the heat,
while one tosses in the night,

dreams  capture  my attention,
and I'll douse myself in impurity,
if you think we can stay awake,

and with  my ratio cut down,

who am i to believe?
and where am i to stand?
Jun 2010 · 788
this is a stunt farm.
Katie Meadows Jun 2010
"we're either incredibly bad for each other or incredibly good for each other."
story of my life.

one more drink,

evan williams preferably,with a splash of coke.

i can taste a bitter reminiscent of imperfection,

and it's greatest,

of coarse,

like a collision,

one more drink.

put a gun to my face,

and douse me with mistakes,

smoke me out,
and kiss me good night,
one more drink.

and i'll be done for the night.
Jun 2010 · 917
Katie Meadows Jun 2010
pretty face,
who do you think you are?
just here for you,

and granted imperfection.

and ready,

with the morning star burning out,
use me.

attend me,

and i'll keep right here,

like a motionless object,
pretty face,

if you only knew what you were playing with,

fill up my lungs.
with complete nonsense
Katie Meadows Jun 2010
you've got game.
but its only so long your taste buds slip up.

it can only be so easy.
and with such a pretty face,
when everything come crashing down guess where it'll land.

leaving you entirely useless.
and sweetness,
could you not see this coming?
with all your laced up promises.
and all your hand in hand movements.

leave such a trace.
on hearts and hearts to come
but no fair warning.

and it can only be so easy,
with such intoxicating words.
that this vocabulary of yours will set ablaze

it won't leave me surprised.
i know how to play baby doll,
and when someone isn't terrified of your lifeless hope.
where does it stand.
Jun 2010 · 628
take one.
Katie Meadows Jun 2010
And with such foundations,

humiliations and promises keep us coming back,
doused in last nights mistakes,
last hours mistakes,
who are we to change?

and why do we tread in disaster.

grant me,

one sense of purpose,

in hopes they play this song over and over for us.

take one,
baby, the scent of you is left on my pillow,
and i'm left trapped.

and baby,

take two,
maybe we can get this straight,
I'll whisper to myself.

I'll crash,
into reckless  
romantic behavior,

yet i'm your favorite flavor,
and i know it.

— The End —