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Karen Alexander Mar 2010
Hey Harvey Wallbanger
I’d like you to tie me to the bedpost, baby
And press your fuzzy navel to my slippery ******.
Give me your white angel kiss and I’ll lie down like a brown cow
While between the sheets you play the Italian stallion.

Like a kamikaze pilot head for my pink squirrel
Then give me your ol’ Alabama slammer
And pack a *** punch into that screwdriver of yours.
I want a screaming ******
That’ll send me to blue heaven. Wu Wu!

So, don’t mention that ****** Mary
With her devil’s kiss,
Or you’ll find I can give a snake bite that’s as deadly as a B-52.

Instead let’s ride into the tequila sunset in our golden Cadillac
For *** on the beach
And on the sea breeze we'll hear an old love song sung by a ‘salty dog’ with a Gibson
And watch a tropical storm over Manhattan
We'll go to Peppermint Patti’s café
And order an Irish coffee and a large slice of cherry pie.

Happy, after dark let’s drive home for a sloe comfortable ***** with satin pillows
And fall into the sweet surrender of a summer dream.
Karen Alexander Mar 2010
A man old beyond his years
Mourns his son who’s not dead but gone.
                                    that child.
Thrown into competition for custody
He’s frozen out.
An unselfish man, mild in nature
Who gave love
                            and kept the peace
                                                                 and his counsel.

Anger subdued, repressed, burns behind the eyes that weep.
He’s impotent.
The mother manipulates man and boy to bend their wills to her command.
They are cowed but not broken.
Slowly, slowly the fire builds and gives succour to resolve.
The gentle man battles on,
                                                 step by step
                                                                        His will strengthened by love.

The law is on his side.
Karen Alexander Mar 2010
Meteoric Buick
Slick *****
Frantic frenetic
Majestic kick
Chick shtick

Nicotinic stick
Lick flick
Hermeneutic heretic
Magnetic rhetoric
Hick logic

Plastic music
Tick click
Bucolic Bardic
Peptic druidic
Rustic emetic

Polymeric quirk
Sick trick
Turmeric trimeric
Septic *****
Wick crick
Karen Alexander Mar 2010
Here we shared the slips and reels of earnest conversation,
An interweaving counterpoint of dialogue
Wherein I bled the truth of loving.
Heart’s secrets shed
And shared.
And by and by transposing the antiphonal chant
You guide towards consonance, harmony,
With gentle lilting phrasing
Encouraging sweet concord within the cantus firmus.

And yet you say you do not sing?
Surely our hearts beat out the song of love and life
And all our narratives are ballades sung in open form?
I have heard you sing your madrigals
With melodies of hope and peace and grace
And tried to catch the tune.

Here, have rich harmonies been played out
And love songs whispered on the air.

So, if God grants, a final cadenza let there be
In a lullaby that’s sung for me.
Karen Alexander Feb 2010
I had a little top knot
Nothing would it bare
But a sliver of insight
And a wooden stare
The Head of Human Resources
Came to visit me
And all for the sake
Of what I came to see

His tie was made of crimson,
Jet black was his hair,
He asked me for my insight
I gave my wooden stare.
He said, "My lovely maiden,
You surely must agree,
We'll take from you your insight
And all that you can be.

The history of this story
With you I’ll gladly share
Henry sought sweet Catherine
His crown and ring to wear
Her services she rendered
But in targets she fell short
And from the royal company was
Dropped without a thought

Brought up to date I tender
This modern tale of woe
As working in the system
Requires us to forego
All sense of moral fibre
In putting people first
For prioritising production
Is how we now are versed.

Efficiencies and targets
The management declares
Will give us a competitive edge
And bolster up the shares
To keep your jobs work harder
Your Country needs the wealth
But we all know who’ll benefit
At the cost of your mental health.

So **** your corporate vision
I’ll take my chance elsewhere
It might bring short term hardship
But a better life I’ll share
And while your head is in the clouds
My feet are on the ground
Co-operative community
Is where our strength is found
Based on the English nursery rhyme 'I had a little Nut Tree'
Karen Alexander Feb 2010
If my ears were love they would hear
A soaring chord of music
If my eyes were love they would see
A glorious sunrise
If my nose was love it would smell
A red velvet rose
If my arms were love they would gather
Small children in a comforting embrace
If my legs were love they would run
Towards you
If my mouth was love it would speak
Your name in husky whispers
Pressing close you feel the beat that proves
My heart is filled with love for you
Karen Alexander Feb 2010
There’s a hole in the sole of my shoe
That lets love through.
It’s not wasted, it nourishes the earth
And touches the buried dead
Then those who mourn the dead
Gather it and are comforted
There is so much love lost and found in this way
It is the nature of love
It seeks those who need it and tries to fill them
But I need new shoes
To hold some love in.
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