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Kaila Sullivan Feb 2017
Swirling around
in your head
coating your eyes
from seeing
and saying what needs to be said
It covers your face with a thin shield
blocking your ears from hearing
and using the words you wield
Sealing your faith
Locked up tight
without feeling to list
no words in sight
and nothing to be said
It's just the mist
swirling in your head
Kaila Sullivan Feb 2017
A crack of bright light
led the way for the storm
The smack of a drum
signals the warning
Seconds pass and the world
makes room for nature's destruction
The quick, loud thump of the raindrops
falling and splat
The natural forces running into each other
They collide
The Earth ripped and torn
as it makes way
for the storm
Kaila Sullivan Feb 2017
Words work their way into my soul
Filling the gaps that hardness stole
A beautiful form of art
The speaks love, sadness,
and other emotions to my heart
Beating in time
Many mountains they climb
and people they teach
Spoken in different tongues
In my head
Words are flung
Different meanings
Many lives words should fill
Kaila Sullivan Feb 2017
Washed up on the banks of despair
Just infected and unaware
Undeterred and determined
The infection spreads its flames
Lighting up the body
Shooting fire through the veins
Frozen by disease
The shards
Erupting from your skin
The vaccine slowly working
Washing the body of dirt and sin
Tired and sluggish
The branches of infection
Reaching to touch the sun
Spreading its roots below
Then coming to a slow
And the infection walks to the finish
After its long enduring run
To finish the ***** job
To reap and to scare
You're just infected
and unaware
Kaila Sullivan Feb 2017
Rosy red petals
the crumbling smell
so sweet
as you run
they get crushed beneath your feet
the intoxicating scent
brings you back around
to repeat the wrongs
redemption never found
The dripping of dew
falls upon the dirt
your soul mixed with desire
a rush that's bound to hurt
Dreams swirl down the river
while you run towards the ledge
collect a little sliver
before you meet the edge.
Kaila Sullivan Feb 2017
A welcome, a welcome
that wasn't skillfully planned
I welcome you to Blunderland
Mistakes, mistakes
not in short supply
with consequences
and hopes you won't die
"Off with you head,"
the Blunder Queen said
while you run
each step becomes a mile
Hurry, hurry
you need to see Cheshire's smile
Searching for the 'pillar's winding smoke
Running around
before the white rabbit smoke
It's time, time
The escape has come to an end
You can't leave from Blunderland
You cross the ocean
filled by the drop of a tear
and I want you to know
we're all mad here.
Kaila Sullivan Feb 2017
A peaceful song
The bird did sing
While taking off with fiery wings
Praising the sun
The bird did glow
Asking to be strong and young
And from the ash
The bird rose
Now young and free
Risen from ash and stone
The bird sings to the sun alone
Taking off with powerful wings
Rising into the new morning sky without end
The Phoenix died
And was born again
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