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Mar 2015 · 488
My Goodbye
Jose Galvez Mar 2015
Scared or not
Alone and afraid
Strong outside, but not inside.

One more night
In this dark with a blade by my side.

Thinking of one last cut through my wrist to end it all.

Filled with thoughts that won't hold back the pain that's killing me inside.

Staying strong for way to long just to ended all in one night.
Jose Galvez Mar 2015
Shy little girl sitting in the room alone . Not many friends in the same room ,but just a strange boy with scars all over his left arm screaming out help me one understands or at least that's what he thinks .

You should cover them
Said the little girl to the strange boy  why are they bothering you the boy answered I cover mine the little girl replied.

That's when the strange boy realized he wasn't really alone . Not thinking about himself ,but about the little shy girl he said let me help you she answered only if you let me help you
the boy kindly accepted her help .

The shy little girl was only shy because she stopped caring about herself ..pushing people away and having people pushing her was something she was getting used to ,but probably the boy could  end up helping her and she could help him.

Being there for each other and understanding each other was proving that they both were helping each other.

He was trying to do whatever he could just to make her know she means more then what she thinks she does ...trying to show her that she's not alone and never was is what he was trying to do .

She was trying to make him smile she showed him she cared about him.

She felt like she wasn't doing nothing ,but bothering him ,but what she didn't know is that by letting him in he was feeling human again .

Story continues .
Story is about me an a friend...don't know if anyone would like me to continue it ..

— The End —