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Johnny Zhivago Jun 2013
I met an young gal with a nice set of ears and
she liked all my music but bored of my tears
She put on a show of charm and good will,
i took it from there to be going down hill

she told me my doodles were epic
and i was pleased,
i told her i liked her a lot
and she was cheesed.
i saw her one day at a show
and she was surprised
i sat down beside her and touched
my thigh to her thigh

i told her i knew shed be here
i saw it online
she looked at me strange like a freak
biding her time
finally time to go home
i said goodbye
she smiled it was like we were alone
then said goodbye.
Johnny Zhivago Jun 2013
There's a boat,
there's a boat
in the middle of the road
in a massive traffic jam
rolling after some old van

i can tell
from the look
that shes trying to float away
that shes hungry for the seas
that shes sniffing in the breeze

and this boat,
she could float
but she leaked a little bit
she was leaky full of holes
full of smoke and alcohol

she was white
she was shiny
with a crooked timber deck
with a crows nest full of crows
with six cannon lined in rows

on the sea
in a storm
she keeps sailing on and on
sometimes sunk beneath a splash
drunken boat and acting rash
Johnny Zhivago Jun 2013
Our dad, who lives in heaven,
your name is holy.
Christianity everywhere
we'll try to achieve it
we'll try to make earth seem like heaven.
Now let's eat the bread we eat everyday.
sorry about trespassing,
i won't punish anyone for trespassing either.
But don't tempt me,
just stop me from doing bad.
its your kingdom, after all,
you always get the power,
you always get the glory,
every time.

A  man.
Johnny Zhivago Jun 2013
@ a cristian @ a catholic @ an all round ruddy good athlete. @ herd roast beef @ herd mutton. @ i used to lead the pork and dairy through the fields of cotton. @ wear football socks and wellingtons and fleeces and march to the top of the old south downs. @ make a jump jet from bits of old pieces @ act a goat or a hero or a clown. @ do front flips straight from the backflip @ sing who put the dog with the cat fish @ say ship! Take the P add a T @ break the day with a bowl of muesli. @ play snake if my mate had a phone, but playing with others isnt always better than playing

@ like films made for kids my age, glamourised ideas of aristocracy and faith. The good will win and the bad will be sad and the age of the raging mad will begin, its a fad! @ wear jean jackets, go to the parties @ have fanta and chocolate log rushing through the arteries. @ chew through books faster than a vulture, faster than the fastest man at the height of zombie culture. @ play football everyday football winter time football, dont need sun. And then we play cricket. 40 legs of cricket. 3 days later im counting up the runs
Johnny Zhivago Jun 2013
oh the average duke of sussex
he had 2000 soldiers
he marched them up to the top of the downs then rolled them down like boulders

and when they were here they were here
and when they were there they were there
and when they hit the barbed-wire fence they were neither here nor there

and when they were up they were up (in heaven)
and when they were down they were down (in hell)
and when they were only half way up
we called that life on earth
Johnny Zhivago Jun 2013
I see the clouds a-coming
they're coming overhead
and i wont see the sunshine till
i dunno when
i'm stuck in Penton prison
life is rolling on

look at all the sun folks
lolling by and by
they're probably drinking lager
and smoking to get high

the whistling wind surrounds me
i break a smile and cry
to the tune of Folsom Prison Blues
Johnny Zhivago Jun 2013
through forests and fogs
through thickets and thin
i trek through the country
to get to the din

but when i get to the club
they wont ever let me in
i take the wrong drug
and i dont want to sing

for my supper or a beer
from a big bouncer ****
and i dont know where to go
once ive got inside the club.

Some get in and go sit down
and some go straight to the bar buy a round
and some take their coats off and some do not
and some move their feet as if the floor is too hot
those with their feelers on the girls dont stop
and their feet and their mouths and their eyes move a lot

on a soft dark sofa in the corner of the room
a drink and his man are buried in the gloom
nurse it, slurp it, swiggin it, sippin it
rock it, slop it, drink it down.

he worked all week and no one likes that
so he drank all the beer in the fridge and fed the cat
and the night fell down and the wind whipped up
in a nice new clean cut shirt he left the flat
lager in his arteries and sorrow on the brain
if his work makes him insane then he’s losing at the game
dance drink chat **** feel less sane.
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