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Jesse LaPointe Dec 2012
Death to a flower
The season draws to an end
Stalk and leaf melt
And their heads finally bend

Settling in for sleep
Yesterday still a light thought
Crushing petals
Winter was finally caught

They lay down their pride
To a soft and easy breath
Stronger in dream
Smiling, conceding to death

Dead rest with comrades
But they too lay amongst foes
Caring nothing
With a deep sigh, so it goes
Jesse LaPointe Dec 2012
The gossamer wings of pagans
Lifting their broken bodies
Miles away from home
Floating on royal silver and gold
The Pulse of a million free men
Slaughtered over fear and insecurity
The baby nations looking up
At their far away father
And down at a crowd of the ****
Jesse LaPointe Dec 2012
A lonely warrior of dust and dirt
Taking eternity off his metal shoulders
Perched atop a mountain of enemies
Narrowing down the endless battles to be waged
Jesse LaPointe Dec 2012
Take me to the foreground
Where the river's wiped and wrung
Where the servants of the step
Believe the hymns they've sung
Jesse LaPointe Dec 2012
City streets for those
Doctors and Lawyers
The kind of place
To send my pale skin
Into the gutter again
Jesse LaPointe Dec 2012
Windows to the streets
On my cheap covered tour
Daily I'll stalk
My city after four
Jesse LaPointe Dec 2012
Broken hand, broken man
Pushes through the bus crowd
Kick up the dust
With your dulled ***** cane
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