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Jeremy Washko May 2016
A journey long searching to find a light, in the this somewhat bitter world a safe reminder that it will all be alright, to lay my head down never more troubled with wars I can not fight. Looking high and low going to the places that I thought you might go, always searching and needing the closest shred of replacement for your warm comforting glow. I never realized in my search for you, you were with me the entire way, I never want to lose you but I know now you will always be guiding every move I make. I often feel like I'm missing your light a quiet reminder that your on your way,  to blinded to see that your in the stars faithfully bringing me safety at night. Through thick and thin your lessons instilled in me but now I know the same light in your eyes I share to steer for me. I'll always love you intensity never wavers, when I think of you I won't be sad anymore living in your memory, as you head to the savior.
Jeremy Washko May 2016
It was the end of May when I first felt summers warmth coming my way.
Green eyes so vivid and full of life, put shame to the stars above the east shore that night.
It was only may, but i was sure summer is here to stay.
With the morning air the weather was still brisk, but that didnt matter as i wrapped ever so tightly to your hips, the smell of coffee still fresh on your lips. Yes summer was here, in the warmth of your smile, in the reflection of me doing my hair in the bathroom mirror. Overwhelmed by the cold ocean water, and your sunlit silhouette on the hot sand made my heart beat harder. Had me wishing there were more than just 7 days in a week. My love for summer was just reaching peak.
My heart would melt, that smoldering **** grin from private conversation tucked away in a booth we sat in. Over a glass of red wine it felt like a celebration, of what im unsure maybe the realization that your heart could be mine for more than a lustrous temptation. Holding your hand as I drove us home. I didn't realize it was the little things that I needed all along. As you fall asleep and I sing along to the radio as it played a relaxing song. A reminder that just like tonight I couldn't stop summer from ending when I got on the flight. Took a picture to savor, and memories that run deep. Our final kiss touching those lips that made me weak. Lost hopelessly in your eyes wondering if that would be the last time we would meet.
And just like that gone with a whisp summer went away and winter froze over the from the cold lonely wind. Real life happened one by one all the leaves fell. Our once colorful story became more of a fairy tale. In hopeless romantisism and probably great denial I waited for summer to come back even if only for a little while. I wait with the stars to see if some will align, or if our tale was a fisherman lost at sea pulled away forever in the oceans tide. Its hard to admit that you may be the best I could ever of had. The standard you set reminds me only of what all others lack. When I feel the sun on my face it tells me your still here. Maybe I'll always wait for summer time to come back more than just once a year.

— The End —