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When first lightning struck proclaiming this Changefulstorm  
Silver waves delighted turns as fickle as the wind
Streaming sunbeams refused to conform
As I watched torrential rains
Twist and bend

No fear wailed within my breast as black clouds rolled in
I eagerly waited to be swept into this joy
While knowing  that all I held within
Embraced my storm’s failed
Attempts to be coy

A raging hurricane, she is not, yet how her winds do blow
See her smiling through the pouring rain
Sunbeams shine as lightning flows
The best of both worlds

First lightning struck on the brightest and darkest day
Each became at once separately the same
A better self appeared to me too say
Changefulstorm shall be
Your name
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
I look back at the clutter of the shadow,
Still black with interruptions of window,
and great, heaving plumes of molten air.
The glass is oiled up with
the dirt of love.
And I am surprised to see myself suspended there,
In a web of smoke and grime,
Waving back at myself.
Lets fly to the edge of that map that hangs on my wall,
The little border,
ribbons of navy and maroon will be our vessel of freedom.
We can walk back and fourth,
Between the tightropes on my compass,
And I will wear a crown of land.
But keep in mind, that little border is about as
straight and narrow
as it gets.

— The End —