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Jack Piatt Jul 2013
The “in” soon to meet the “evitable”
A conclusion infallible
Tis true, tis true
It’s front page news
In the “Obvious Times”
Your failure to realize
Doesn’t minimize
The obvious
So let’s stretch that word
Cause that makes more sense
At least it’s a defense
Weak kneed as it may be
It certainly falls under
The Ex
So humor me
Do you see
Do you see
Not yet
Okie Dokie
Annie Oakley
Let’s take another shot
How bout
A Story
Why not?
There once was a town
Where a man came around
Selling all kinds of
Potions and lotions
Devotions and notions
Despite his seemingly
Lack of emotion
They made him Mayor
Not long after the layers
Of Lies and greed began to grow
And wouldn’t you know
Though it rarely showed
The town grew tired
And wanted him fired
Longing for days of old
A stronger mold
Simpler times
Merrier rhymes
(less parking fines)
Smog free days
Guiltless lays
And poison free food
Put them all
In a better mood
Boy oh boy
Were those the days
Back before the smoggy haze
So we’re back to the beginning
Of this story I’m spinning
The “in” meeting
You know


That is what happened
To that Colonial Captain
Who brought mischief
And what if’s
To that poor little town
He lost his crown
Among other jewels
He suffered fools
Then suffered
At their hands
So this story
Is a caution
to all distant lands
(and close ones)
The conclusion
Is always
When toying
With the table
Of Universal design
So don’t mess with nature
And all
Will be fine
(c) 2013
Jack Piatt Jul 2013
Pick it up
The off
Where you left it

Pick up where you left off

Walk behind yourself for one day
See what you see
Watch how you see it
You’ll be taken aback

Back before you left off

Close your eyes
Breathe quietly
Inward quiet
Not just outward
Now …

Pick up where you left off

There’s a secret
Living inside you
A bit of a paradox
Being it’s not a secret
If you already know
But that’s …

Back before you left off

The sky still looks the same
Thousands of years later
As you look up again
Same grin, new chin
Eager as ever, ready to …

*Pick up where you left off
(C) 2013
Jack Piatt Jul 2013
Your intrepid nature
Mixed up like a tonic and gin
Half squeeze of lime, stirred up with mine
The in and out of clarity stare
Impulsivity meets the creative dare
A kiss with more bite than lip
Followed by an endless moment trip
Hanging in that space
Face to face
The strangely familiar embrace
The rules fall off the page
Letters clink on the faded olive green tile
A 1970’s homage to yesterstyle
The ‘U’ slid under the fridge
You never bat an eyelid
Just hold your gaze
Wandering wild
Through my mental maze
Pausing on occasion to play
Your breath smells like love on fire
And what does love smell like?

Flower petals shut tight in books

Not enough to turn heads
But good for a couple of looks
It’s “just woke up
from a sweet dream” subtle
Enough to plant a seed
And not look back
Knowing you’ll be back
You’re under attack
By the chemical undertones
Bidding you to the smitten zone
Where, when alone
Vulnerability conducts the strings
Plucking and pulling
As your heart faintly sings
The trap is set
You’ve been caught
No points given
For the good fight fought
Now back to your breath
Tickling my lips
My hands grab your inviting hips
We relight the fire
The air hangs heavy
With deepened desire
The room disappears
Along with my fears
The world spins again
Now that you’re here
(c) 2013
Jack Piatt Jun 2013
I went toe to toe
With Love
No gloves
I don’t remember
How many rounds
Been in a coma
Since the knock down
Just waking up from the out
I’m looking around
Don’t know anybody
I’m lost
Too new
To be lonely
If only
To remember
Why even climb in the ring
Hopefully it was for something
Planet moving
As all I have now are lumps on my head
And a lump in my throat
I’m out to sea without a sail
In a one man boat
I look out to see my gloves
Floating next to me
As if Love wanted
To make absolutely sure
I knew who put me here
A deep breath
Eyes closed
Soaking in the sun
I slide on those soggy gloves
One by one
Then paddle
Back to shore
To climb in that ring
Once more
If for nothing else
To make absolutely sure
Love knows
I don’t care about titles
Wins or losses
Or what the odds are tonight
I came back
To ******* fight
(C) 2013
Jack Piatt Jun 2013
It's the reality
you're sipping
when you should be
the unknown
the universal
the wind me up
and go home
they employ
the nights
staring out a window
into the void
that's not choice
it's called life
and if you don't
like it
leave it
but where to go
who would know
where would you go
what would you say
where to stay
a needle in the hay
and they'd never look
one second
of one day
the **** they give
is all one way
there's no round trip
tickets at this station
it's the amalgamation
of frustration
and surrender
there's no tender
way to say this
but the dream
you bought a ticket to
was overbooked
you overlooked
the irony of this
till now
standing with your
hand out
acid rain
melting the matinee
your dismay
is your parting gift
the only lift
you're getting
is the one that will
promptly drop you
further away
from where you wanted
to be
so you see
forget the thumb
just turn the other way
and walk
till the lights
make lemonade
with the sun
leave the myth
of fun
for the young
and find
a ladder
to another world
cause this one's
the airplanes
stopped flying
the birds are dinosaurs
in a plastic museum
a cosmic trash can
in a rest stop in space
the stars know more about you
than you were ever shown
it's written in the ...
you know
(C) 2013  (Spoken word poem)
Jack Piatt Jun 2013
It’s the holes in your heart that **** you
Not the heart in your body
But the one in your soul
The one that makes you drive all night never knowing why
Searching for something you can never find
Maybe little pieces left in a life behind
Pieces that can fill those holes
And make you whole
But there’s a smile somewhere
In the back of your mind
That will always shine
Through the darkest of memories
Black and white photographs
Strewn across the floor of your head
She lies there laughing beautiful in bed
Naked as the truth that pinches the tip of your nose
In the frozen intersection of winter
Now expressionless
Wondering why the love ran out
But you know it never did
It just moved away
And forgot to write
Time is terrible
It loses track of itself
As do all great birds in flight
The wind becomes their clock
Hands broken
Only wings
It leaves only flying and landing
Even she
In all her broken loveliness
Understands this
(C) 2013
Jack Piatt Oct 2012
It happens in the fall

when the leaves

make a play on these words

when my heart plays along


it seems we are all falling

into a memory


into what will be

leaving one question

Will you be there with me …

even briefly?

If you were mine

for even a minute

I would pause all 60

of those seconds

one by one

till the last one

Then I will run

to next autumn

and wait for you

to fall into me again
(c) Fall 2012
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