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Oct 2021 · 648
Path Maker
caroline Oct 2021
Sometimes we get so busy living we forget
Life is not made for you
Your life is made by you
Jul 2021 · 710
caroline Jul 2021
It’s hard to keep writing
My story
When I know our chapter is already over
Jun 2021 · 391
Stay in the present
caroline Jun 2021
How naive us
To romanticize
Our future life together.
Jun 2021 · 44
Boy I once knew
caroline Jun 2021
One day I’ll wake up and forget how your smile is crooked
One day I’ll wake up and forget how you liked your coffee

One day I’ll wake up and forget your laugh
One day I’ll wake up and forget the boy I once knew

Each one day is getting closer and closer
So desperately I cling onto the memory of the boy I once knew

But the boy I once knew changed
The boy I once knew woke up one day and decided to make me the girl he forgot
Apr 2021 · 51
too good to be true
caroline Apr 2021
the greatest pain you left me with was knowing that I was what was best for you
Feb 2021 · 320
caroline Feb 2021
I could’ve but I didn’t
I should’ve but I didn’t
I would’ve but i didn’t
Boundaries are hard to set even if it’s for the people you love
Ours hearts are meant to last
It’s time to start guarding it
Feb 2021 · 70
caroline Feb 2021
Is love supposed to hurt this bad?
Feb 2021 · 56
Dead end street
caroline Feb 2021
There’s no greater pain then having to watch you slowly pull away from me to choose liquor and the drugs to feel something when all I wanted was to love you.
Feb 2021 · 577
caroline Feb 2021
I can’t keep giving my heart to people who don’t cherish it
Dec 2020 · 58
caroline Dec 2020
How could you simply make me so disposable
Dec 2020 · 160
Words I wish I had said
caroline Dec 2020
Please don’t leave me
Dec 2020 · 266
caroline Dec 2020
I wish I knew it was the last time hearing your laugh
Dec 2020 · 149
Lost Cause
caroline Dec 2020
I let the liquor carry me through the pain
as I watched my life go down drain
I keep hoping for you to save me
but you do not hear my dying plea
Its ok, I understand why
if I was you I wouldn't even try
I am yet another lost cause
with no one willing to accept my flaws
Feb 2020 · 110
caroline Feb 2020
To forgive and forget,
Something I cannot do
At least not with you,
Each time you run through my mind
You leave behind
Marks of our past  
And then you leave o so ever fast,  
I am afraid to forgive
I want you and me to live
For the only place there is a you and me  
Is in my mind wanting you to hear my plea,
So I will wait
For a later date
To say the words
And sing the chords
Of bitter sweet forgiveness  
Because if I forgive
I will forget
And I don’t need the regret
Of the loss of hope
Of you and me
Jan 2020 · 124
A story left unread
caroline Jan 2020
She is the book left on the highest shelf wanting to be read
Page after page, her words dance across each line
Her story could set you free but only if you dare
Few choose to read and those who dare are never able to finish her
She longs for fingers to turn her pages
Eyes to graze each line
Lips to speak her words
But there she sits slowly suffocating under every speck of dust
still wanting to be read
Jan 2020 · 310
caroline Jan 2020
the drinks and your wandering hands were too hard to forgive
Nov 2019 · 786
fixer upper
caroline Nov 2019
blissful dancing of the morning rays
stuck in your gaze
this is where i belong
sing me your song
tell me the story of you and me
the one of how you set me free
broke me from my chains
you picked up my remains
and took what was left
and made it yours
baby i am yours
and no one elses
Nov 2019 · 374
caroline Nov 2019
kiss me slow
pull my hair
pin me down
fingers to my toes
you know how it goes
tease me oh so effortlessly
but oh so irresistible
Oct 2019 · 842
i want you
caroline Oct 2019
i want  you
i want every piece of you
i want your bad morning breath
i want your ruffled bed head
i want your worries
i want your fears
i want you baby can't you see
i'll take you for you and you take me for me
Oct 2019 · 103
my love
caroline Oct 2019
i have cried
i have screamed
i've been to hell and back
to find you
you my love
you saved me
you are what i've been waiting
you're perfectly imperfect
with lips like wine
every kiss leaving me drunker than the last
Sep 2019 · 108
the silent killer
caroline Sep 2019
black and blue
i crawled to you

i found no comfort
i found no home

what i found was love
but thats what killed me in the end
Sep 2019 · 162
Love is only a feeling
caroline Sep 2019
you said, "i think i'm in love"

i said darling, love is only a feeling
Aug 2019 · 169
caroline Aug 2019
when you left
you took a part of me with you
did you hold onto that part?
or did you throw it away
like you did us

— The End —