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May 2015 · 885
Everything is on fire
Home May 2015
Everything is on fire
My head and the blankets conspire
They band together to avoid tragedy
We're one ******* up anatomy
The windows are painted shut now
And no one seems to know how
We ended up on the bathroom floor
When just yesterday you swore
Not to drink anymore
I jumped into the sky
That night when I got high
And ripped open the seems
I broke all of your dreams
See, the sky was bleeding in my hand
The cuts were filling up with sand
There is nothing plural about me and my broken heart
It's me and I am my broken heart
I did not know from the start
That his hair would taste like the sky's blood
That I would lying here in the mud
That her body would make a thud
And return to me in ribbons
Our secrets rest in prisons
That glass of ***** is the cell key
And why I beg you to come back for me
I can't stay up late like I used to
Sleep is the only escape from you
Now go do what you have to

— The End —