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Hersch Rothmel Jun 2013
you are who you already are
no need to go far
just breathe with me
you are who you already are
It isn’t that hard
just lose yourself and let it be

Don’t take yourself so seriously
it doesn’t need to be that hard, that hard
Just look at how you are in everyone
and everyone is in you
as far as the stars, the stars
And take this moment to be with me
Don’t let the time go by
Here in this moment we are poets
writing of who we are
Hersch Rothmel Jun 2013
Bob Marley says when music hits you you feel no pain
But when I feel music I can feel the pain of so many suffering artists
I can feel the pain of Nas, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli.
I can feel the pain of Isaac Brock.
I can feel the pain I feel inside of me
Music is my independence, or one of its many manifestations
The universe has no limits when I am being blanketed by the warmth of music
And to me this is the greatest form of independence
I can experience myself through someone else’s experiences
That to me is interconnectedness
So how can I be interconnected yet independent?
How can I feel the warmth of music while at the same time it chills my bones?
Music is like life full of contradictions, but without them would cease to exist
Music is like life so personal, but shared by all peoples
Music is like life it takes courage to listen to your own as well as other voices
Music is life because for so many that is all there is left to live for.
Hersch Rothmel Jun 2013
Up here in this space I can see for miles
Up here in this space I am free from myself
Up here in this space I am one with all things
Up here in this space the only limitations are the ones I put on myself
I am free in this space
I am free at this moment
I am free in this space
I can face my whole life
I am free in this space
like the people here before me
I am free in this space
Amazed to be alive
This space has been mapped, surveyed, and sectioned
But before this it was the same place
Always evolving and always changing
For no matter how much is mapped it is still never their territory
No matter how much it is mapped it cannot be replaced
Hersch Rothmel Jun 2013
I have come to know who I was meant to be, or at least I think I have
I have come to know how oppression works, at least I think I do
I have come to know what is ethical and what is not, or are my lines arbitrarily mapped
I have taken time to think about my life, but have I moved forward with it

I think of my past, my present, my future the map to my life unfolding
I see what I’ve done and what I hope to experience and I have come to realize something
I am part of an enormous painting, one that is committed
To ending oppression in all of its forms from patriarchy to racism and classism
I don’t know who I am but I know who I’ll be and I know where I will stand
I am one pixel, one dot, one stroke on this painting of ending all forms of oppression
And when I get discouraged, doubtful, and drab I cannot forget this painting
For it is not a portrait of me or of you it is a painting of all of us, a painting of freedom

I will keep fighting the fight for true equality, I will not be deterred
I will listen, I will love, I will chose to speak up
Because without all of us dots, us pixels, and strokes there would be no painting
And the beautiful idea that we can all achieve liberation is a reason to keep creating
Hersch Rothmel Jun 2013
***** fingernails and ***** talk
Scratch my back until it bleeds
I hit the ground and then I found
that I’ve walked past what I’ve been looking for so long
There hasn’t been a single vice
that I haven’t enjoyed so much
But when your throat burns from drips and drags
It’s time to start funneling your liquid brain back in your empty heart
An empty head but a fulfilled soul
Is almost worse than anything
Having so much love you want to give
Is hard to have when no one wants it
Hersch Rothmel Jun 2013
Break down these walls
I’ll fall this fall
and swallow what I have to swallow
to get where I am
I don’t know what I did
But I’m here but I’m here
so something had to happen

There’s ******* clogging where air used to flow
through my nose and a haze where my brain used to sit
and no matter how many people and **** I fill in my room
I still feel alone and so lonely

I just want to ride away on a pony
I just want to ride away on a jet
I just want to ride away on a tortoise
Because no matter how far I go I can’t get away from myself
Hersch Rothmel Jun 2013
Lets sit down and take some time to discuss how we have no time to talk
Lets go take a nice long walk to move around for the first time
Lets look through a lens we’ve never used to look at the world in a different light
Lets not be scared to be uncomfortable, Lets not be scared to be wrong
Lets not have to be right all the time, lets admit our ignorance
Lets stop trying to fulfill a dream that is forced upon us
Lets go question what we know and confront the people who taught us
Lets go try and change the world even though it won’t happen in our lifetime
Lets stop thinking our happiness is separate from all those around us  
Lets take the time to really learn and really get to know ourselves
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