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The night you were in me i felt so alive...
The next morning i woke up to find myself in a different world...

I saw like you...
I breathed like you...
Smelt like you...
Thought like you...
Smelt like you...

*I can still smell your scent on me...

I walk my way down the hill
Boys of this town, once so alive and real
Long-expected, so fair and innocent
Walking the land with excitement

Hares and butterflies, nightmares and night skies
Their skins bare, hoping looks in their eyes

Night fell on their innocent banks
I cried as the moon sank
Where are my boys...
For i could not hear their loving voices

An empty room marked my longing
The cold autumn breeze caught my singing
My lullabies cold and frozen
For the path they had not chosen

Never grow up in my dreams
Just as the little stream
My boys swagger the day away
It is a long way
The Stolen Breath
Within Me

— The End —