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Aug 2022 · 98
Favorite Person
Devon Lane Aug 2022
Doctor, please! I have come down with a terrible case,
a disease so rare you may have never seen.

She grabbed my heart and gave it a long squeeze,
I'm having a bit of trouble getting back on my feet.

I'd do anything for her so she lives her life with ease.
Sing to her, cook for her, and dowse my body in gasoline.

Hopefully, soon again I am groovin' to the beat.
I just love her so much I've forgotten how to breathe.

As she lights the match, I will not scream
because her darkness is something I'll never let myself see.
Jun 2022 · 114
Devon Lane Jun 2022
“Do you know what you want?”

Yes, listen,

I want to hear glowing creamy light kiss my houseplants in the morning.

I want to feel the weight of my gravity against that ****** diner booth at 3am.

I want to dance until I can’t breathe between the upturned corners of my crooked and cracked teeth.

I want to hold every single cell in my body and watch them trickle through my fingers like sand.

I want to stand barefoot in the snow and watch it melt into an ocean, then a desert, then to dust. I am dust. We all are.

I want to see how small I am under city lights and smoke and breathe it all in.

Don’t forget to breathe out.

I want to drive until there is absolutely nothing left in my mirrors.

I want love to boil inside of me so I can help feed another starving heart.

I want the same internal convection in return.

I want nothing more than every square kilometer of the moon.  

I wanted you.
Jun 2022 · 110
Devon Lane Jun 2022
You were the chocolate sprinkles on my soft serve.

Burrowing into my chest like a sandcrab melting through saltwater and ocean city sand.

Fading into my body, until we became one gooey sticky sweet mess.

Such a beautiful summertime massacre.

I prefer the mountains in June. A cool evergreen breeze sighing through my buzzcut season.

This is what true royalty feels like, to sleep forever under the pines. A place we wanted to grow.

I shaved my head because I’m not yours anymore. Or theirs. I belong to my own shallow grave. So please, do not call me princess.

Disney did not forget to write my story, he was too busy creating women no one would ever receive.

My life has never gone according to plan, stopped praying before bed for my fairytale to fruition.

I created myself. A handsome hairless heroine. The tallest trunk at the peak.

Only faith I have left is in my own photosynthetic cells.

Feeling still a lingering winter. SPF cannot protect me from my own emotions.

I don’t need it to anymore.

Looking down at you from miles away like that man from lilo and stitch.

Sunburnt and confused.

Black sprinkles and ants slow dance on the concrete in my giant sugary shadow.

I wonder do the ***** still bury their troubles? I haven’t been to the beach in years.

You haven’t considered these sappy limbs a place to call home since then.

I always have and I always will.
May 2022 · 84
Sunday Kind
Devon Lane May 2022
Sounds of a shower ringing against your back like skylights.

I whisper to myself in the silence, a long cotton smile and a breath.

Pillows wreaking of evergreen tides and the taste of your tongue.

Mancala eyes rolling, reminiscing the best parts of my childhood.

Curls caressing me like question marks. I want nothing more than this.

Happiness is holding a hand that never has been held before.

Neon light peaking behind my eyelids, strange faces flashing in the night.

Handed me a triple shot of gasoline in a room full of mirrors.

Homemade pasta and a heaping side of unnecessary apologies.

Stay a little longer. Let’s wake up next to the clouds on my carpet.

Taking care of myself and I’d let you take the wheel without a license.

Ask me if I’m okay again. Go wash your hands again.

Tomorrow is never a promise. Hopefully this lasts past Saturday night.
May 2022 · 76
Lightning Night
Devon Lane May 2022
I take two showers a day now.

Mainly because I’ve been sweating bullets and tar.

Cleansing lightning and your thick black ink out of my pores.

Vintage sweatshirts on the beach and a dining room sky.

A pair of haunting eyes going down the drain a little more each time.

I keep your silver close. I haven’t forgotten.  

I feel it cold against the bones in my neck, good memories tears and chills down my spine.

Soft kisses and a storm, wisteria tapping on your window. Whispering our secrets to the neighbors.

When our bodies melted into one against  purple plum thunder.

Letting go is like trying to sell a wool sweater in the summer.

I’ll always remember loving you no matter the weather.
Mar 2022 · 84
Carry on
Devon Lane Mar 2022
I don’t even see.
They’re just words on a screen.
She wrote them, no seatbelt fastened.

Gray eyes and all
I love myself,
and my dark passenger.

She’s starting to
arrive at that destination
We never planned a trip for.  

I hope she’s not waiting at the gate.
The way I waited for you,
as you waited for me in that very room.

The words glaring and I see your face.
Touching you touching her touching me touching her.

If I met her mother would she
fatten me up respectfully? Leave it open for spring to come home?

How do I explain
the way you shut my closet door?
The one I was born and raised behind.

I being the poet,
You being the poem.
Amor Fatí, forever and ever, Amen.

Will she drown in
an ocean she wears to class everyday?
Will she still come over for dinner?

Maybe I stay silent.
“She’s not here and that’s okay.”
They’re right.

If you never ask you never know.
They never know unless you speak.
It’s just fire in an uncorked bottle.

Without jet fuel, I burn out eventually.
Don’t lift a finger,
I’ll let my body embrace the atmosphere.

Free falling.
Crash landing.
Into no one’s arms but my own.
Mar 2022 · 72
Devon Lane Mar 2022
Hold me closer tiny dancer.
Not too close!
I am liquid nitrogen on fire.

I’m still learning how to breathe
my own fumes.
High on my own supply.

Long aqua hairs
floating around in my favorite
swimming pool, sage green sheets.

Carnations dipped in her tender
could cut glass with precision.
Shattering what used to be my truth.

Her entire body under one of my arms,
I am weightless, and I weigh a ton.
She still carries me home.

Small moments like strings on a guitar.
I’ll sing to her, my worst damage has already been done.

Didn’t the tortoise win anyway?
Infatuation ****** the hare and left before sunrise.

Two bodies beaming
in the darkness.
Trying to make light.

She wants to air out my ***** laundry,
scrub the dishes,
cut tiny holes in my heart.

The best medicine
bursts in, unexpected,
Be mindful of addiction.
I’m not ready, and that’s okay.
Mar 2022 · 51
Flight Risk
Devon Lane Mar 2022
Cradle her home
Back to a city of witches and wonder
flying against the falling sky.

Staring at the earth 30,000 above
I hope she’s thinking of me.

Wings slicing through gray atmosphere.
Heart spinning at the speed of sound
I used to hold her here while she slept.

Safety in my absence,
Gravity our only enemy.
I succumb to the pressures of silence

Turbulence and tolerance.
It’ll all be over soon.
I descended leaving no mercy.

Of course, no one trusts a cargo plane
just like a beautiful woman
on the edge of sanity.

Leaving her stranded on the tarmac.
Divine is the departure of my natural disaster.

The one or one of many,
raindrops like beads on aerodynamic steel.
Her hierophant is missing in action.

A special type of hell,
wading in the chaos you create.
Expecting a savior other than yourself.

Not anymore. The clouds have parted.
Two breeds of fire burning brightly on their own.

Seat-backs and tray tables ready for another take off. Look up to the peach pit sky. Whisper my name out with a smile.
Feb 2022 · 75
Fever dream
Devon Lane Feb 2022
I had a dream about her last night.

We were different but the same. Gray hairs, gray eyes, New scars, Old memories.

Weaving through a foreign castle, crumbling. Rollerskating on cobblestone floors. Rough surfaces yet smooth sailing.

She was wearing cherrywood lipstick.
Every single tattoo, concealed and forgotten. When she smiled the gap was bridged. Requiem for flaws that never existed.

An orange friend with white pants and golden eyes hovering. Laughing together, smiling together, making trouble. How it used to be.


She was there too.
She wasn’t me.
I was okay with that.

I saw how they slow danced.
How they cared and loved.
A perfect human in my eyes had changed in someone else’s arms. I didn’t mind.

Yet, I couldn’t tell you if she was happy.
I want her to be. Did she know happiness with me? Is it a game of following the leader?

I won the race, and I still got the **** beaten out of me. Too fast, too slow, just right? **** prize money, I just want peace.

Poreless skin hitting stone harder than cayendo and I was not the one coming to the rescue. Standing by nevertheless.

Watching new lovers roll around in the grass from a window in a tower. Sill cracking yet intact. Being strong on my own despite the pain.

Making love to other women, and not loving other women. Moving at the pace of the sun. Emotions stitched into the moon.

Are we deceiving each other? Am I deceiving her? When the foundation caved the walls stood tall. Sturdy and ruined. Holding both, destruction and tolerance.

A playground for the curious, hopeless, and romantic. I’ll dance here for a while. This is still my home. Diminuendo into the darkness. I’ll rise again tomorrow.
Feb 2022 · 101
Devon Lane Feb 2022
Cut into my bones and you’ll
find fragments of your irises.

Dark flakes of earthy perfection,
cowering behind rigid pores and dense structure.

Parts of me that used to be gelatin in your arms.

I hear sirens in the distance. I see the hallows of your cheeks doused in blue.

The most beautiful face I have ever seen.
Nothing but a ghost coursing through my veins.

I don’t want to give back these fibrous gifts you left behind. I want to piece them back together, until I’ve rebuilt you wholly.

Standing together in the blue light under a night sky as thick as oil. One last time.
Jan 2022 · 92
Devon Lane Jan 2022
Stretch your wings into the city.

Let the smoke fill your hollow chest.

**** yourself in the mirror.

Equality sleeps with justice in death.
Jan 2022 · 479
Yin Yang
Devon Lane Jan 2022
I wonder what it feels like to be the earth under a stroke of lightning.

A close range bullet wound from the love of your life?

Green crust curls around the energy like my hairy goosebumps around your fingers.

Earth and sky clinging so heavily to one another.

To be ripped apart, neither would survive.

Essential primary chaos.  

Pain so devastating is only natural.

Love so tender never felt more excruciating.

Is it symbiosis if only one party can be completely destroyed by the other?

Her eyes open and wreak havoc on my delicate armor of vegetation.

She feeds me all the same.

I carry both of these truths responsibly, a concealed weapon.

Emotion coursing through my veins, a final meal of electricity.

I absorb the impact into my fleshy carbon layers.

Waiting for the day she can soak up the same.
Will she find order within my disorder?
Dec 2021 · 157
Happy Poem
Devon Lane Dec 2021
She asked me to write her a happy poem.

Me, a natural disaster trying to write about the sun?

Yes, I found her, Liv.

The one who’s orange brilliance pushes through even my most treacherous storms.

Exhausted and still burning. The one who loves me with purpose.

Her shards of lustrous flame carve across my palo santo sky like red tattoo ink dancing on murky water.

She taught me that cats and rabbits can learn to fall in love if you let them.

The food chain is a human construct, love isn’t.

I want to become a red sunset reflecting over the lake too.

Eventually my clouds disperse like fireworks.

Engulfing the sky together against a moon made of chrome.

I’ve never written one before, and now I never need to.

She is my Happy Poem.
Apr 2021 · 178
Baby Tooth
Devon Lane Apr 2021
Unlike most people,
I sort of enjoy going to the dentist.

Poking and prodding in my mouth,
“What college did you attend?”
“How often do you floss?”

These are life’s eternal questions.
What scars did you create?
The first or last thing to rot is your teeth, no? Your choice.

If the woman didn’t have her fingers in my mouth I would tell her about your 22-year-old baby tooth.

How it caught every crumb and how we planned to pull it out with a doorknob.

And how I fell in love with your chrome colored bedroom, dripping with chains, like the braces etched into your knee.

And how the whites of your eyes get pearly in the sun, milky baby teeth.

I’ll stop drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes if it means we never decay.

Just promise to brush and floss and keep me safe, and maybe, I’ll stay.
Oct 2020 · 86
Devon Lane Oct 2020
What’s your name?

Does it hum like
southern teeth between southern tongue?

piercing the salt marsh quietly.
The only place my heart still beats.

Bottle nosed boys never listen.

I wonder how long your life has become? All of the years just melt now.

Running until there’s nothing left to run from.

Did our sins against each other cancel out? Two negatives?

Missing strands of hair and sheet-less beds more than I should.

Lanky arms never let go, until they do.
Sep 2020 · 73
God in the Rainforest
Devon Lane Sep 2020
Jesus Christ, clad in a T-shirt and blue jeans.
Still emotionally raw relying heavily on her sending agency.
the face of savagery and danger.
Twenty-two years broadly chronological, better than any other outsider.
The rain was coming down in buckets

between the savagery no ladder was needed.
contrasts, atheistic of search and rescue.
she who led the search party was invaluable.

I have broken the Summer of all good things I might have had.
attracting Someone, to stage a brief burial service
Many of these materials took shape,
from memory in the pouring rain.
Devon Lane May 2020
Have you ever run so fast down a wave of asphalt that you feel your breath catch up to you from behind?

Smacking into your back like a riptide at noon, the ocean striking like you were out past her curfew.

In the movies they catapult themselves from the crest and into a sun kissed embrace, those prettier than I.

I’d like to think of you on that shoreline waiting for my feet to hit 55 before our ribcages collide. Unfortunately, I left my room and board up north.

Where the ocean coughs up sunrises for the mountains and the city sleeps off a perpetual hangover.

Years of smoking and not smoking and smoking and not smoking won’t allow me to chase those swells. My lungs will never be like hers.

Thus, I will run like the devil in the opposite direction. Away from every advance even when your face is permanently scarred into my arm.

No matter if I build Oprah’s million dollar sandcastle, in the end, my greatest work of art will be not falling in love with you.

But I wouldn’t mind a kiss goodbye.
No one reads this **** any way so #yolo
Mar 2020 · 69
Never to Hold
Devon Lane Mar 2020
I was never a structural engineer, but I could pass for a knock off pyrotechnic.

I can tell you that

Even people that have never smoked can burn holes in your home.  

Their arrival,
is a patiently waiting for sale sign.  

Call me if you’re interested.

Their absence is heavier than the dust has been settled for years.

Its hard to remember
that you are made of that same ash.

Not like the kind in your mothers backyard, you’re the type to burn a bridge and run.

If you ever step foot in this town again
I will know.

I have been a skyscraper.

My entire life.
Taller than the other suburban girls.

Can you see me ablaze
from halfway across the world
hands releasing what they never used to hold.

A fire has never melted steel faster.

Who was I when you loved me?

She is molten in your neighbors driveway.

My elevator has been playing that song for

walk in.
Press three.
Door close.

As you rose higher I began to fall.

Begging for your love was easier
Than begging for you to get out of my head

like that song.

So I’ll let you stay.

Walk into the lobby
and be greeted with a smile.
Oct 2019 · 242
Tread Lightly
Devon Lane Oct 2019
She’s a wonder of the world, and you treat her like she’s a house on fire.

She’s tired of burning for you.
Apr 2019 · 772
Mixed Media
Devon Lane Apr 2019
I'd like to think I'm an artist

Working at a pace far too glacial to be in the race.

Trying to write this poem is like painting a portrait with handcuffs on;

The architect’s human condition

Calculation, infatuation, manipulation,
a Little Miss Communicating.

Words are incapable of recreating

The way your face illuminated the solitary silence of my darkroom.

A winter solstice in full bloom.

This inversion in theory isn't negative, yet I don't feel satisfaction when my bones start to shutter.

The subject of my matter does not matter.

It's how I paint the portrait.

I’m constantly developing the negatives  
that I hear in my head.

Curiosity created the cat, and slowly, she grew wings.

A hall of fame rage angel.

Rendering the artist

Working in progress
Mar 2019 · 797
Note to Self
Devon Lane Mar 2019
Stop breaking other’s hearts.

One day, there won’t be any left to break
but your own.
Feb 2019 · 142
Momentarily Afflicted
Devon Lane Feb 2019
I’m sorry

The person you’re a trying to reach is unavailable if you’d like to make a call please try again...

I’m sorry

she’s passed out drunk
on the roof of a building
in a part of her mind you’ve never been to.

I’m sorry

That she discussed the nature of pleasure when smoke was slithering from her mouth.

I’m sorry

She made late night calls taste like
sweet and salty carcinogens.

I’m sorry

To be a bother, but can she get her bike lock back. Your keys never fit right anyway.

I’m sorry

She made you feel anything other than anxiety
for a moment.

I’m sorry
Nov 2018 · 718
Devon Lane Nov 2018
You taught me how to fear my own darkness.

So leave the light on before you go.
Can't shake my bones of you.
Nov 2018 · 816
Devon Lane Nov 2018
We move to the rhythm of the city
Beating to the waves of adrenaline, never pity.

I need to hold you close, this affliction is impossible to diagnose.

Trying to comprehend and begging Gods and Monsters that tonight will never end.

Our Sonic Youth cannot be contained,
Electronic and unashamed.

With brains that bleed idiosyncratically and make magic with words or a pen,

Hands that turn a gin and tonic into something drastically more chronic.

The solution to the problem is that the cause is quite solemn.

Leave everything behind for a new place;  taste your favorite stranger's face.

Let them know that their perfume can light up a whole room.

We're searching for the people we've been our whole lives, in structures we do not recognize.

Know that most women that dream only survive on nicotine,

Slow Dancing in the Dark just to feel Nevermore than a spark.

This is how it feels to be unreal, when your entire body becomes brittle steel.

Don't let the season tantalize your demons.

If you can feel your own unapologetic heart, realize that this is just the start.

And when you're tired of leaving, run.
Nov 2018 · 840
Old Lace
Devon Lane Nov 2018
(2 PM)

I've been insatiably numb for a while.
it's hard to admit that,
being this codependent
is like being on trial.

Vulnerability is not my forte
and breaking your heart wasn't
the Right way
to tell you,

(2 AM)

that I've been listening to your voicemails
from when we were Seventeen
with nothing but Dreams.
now all we have is a few
Conversations that never happened.

'I miss you'
I miss you more

'I love you'
I always will

If you feel broken, imagine pouring the poison.
Oct 2018 · 180
Gaslight me up, Baby (10w)
Devon Lane Oct 2018
I doused myself in gasoline as you lit your cigarette.
Sep 2018 · 568
Your Kind
Devon Lane Sep 2018
Now, I have experienced several
types of love in my youth. Fiery, quiet,
and the kind that's mixed with a dose of

Though, I have grown tired
of ideas of settling down.
I fear to live a life

This kind of love, unexciting.
I prefer a poison,
some would say, is more

A kind of love that tastes like fire,
where living our dreams
is most definitely

I feel as though it is time to try
a new sensation.
This is unfortunately not a drunken

Though I leave one pint behind,
be it trivial to most,
I believe I have found the right
This is a ****** poem about self love
Jul 2018 · 2.0k
Body Electric
Devon Lane Jul 2018
Tonight I feel like a thunderstorm

Been wrestling with my sheets.
I can't sleep.

The words you said are booming through my head

I am losing
my Mind.

It's about **** time,

you hear what I've been screaming for so long.

My brain is flooding with the words to this song that makes my body feel electric and my heart feels like it belongs,

Somewhere else.

A place I've never been but I can taste it like the liquor on my tongue. It's not just in my dreams, you see, I'll get there.

Not today though, because it's raining...and I'm blissfully drunk.
May 2018 · 200
Devon Lane May 2018
Rome wasn't built in a day,

comparatively to the age of earth,
a single day is just a trillionth of a grain of sand.

Making me about 0.00000007435 grains of sand in the hourglass.

I am not your Athena and my studio apartment is not the Parthenon.

I consider myself a Modernist, modular.
No columns, pillars, domes, ornaments.

Just fire and cheap nicotine.

My bones and flesh will never be immaculate, my body is concrete and corrugated steel.

Based on classical mathematics I will never be perfect, yet I am still a perfectionist.

That is the infinite burden I bare.
May 2018 · 341
Devon Lane May 2018
You don't read my poetry, but in my poetry you do.
Nov 2017 · 427
Devon Lane Nov 2017
It's 1:45 am

I am listening to the ocean inside your chest.

Your shoreline fills my ears with white noise and reminds me I'm not alone inisde the sleeplessness of my bedroom walls.

I've never heard lungs fill so effortlessly with waves of wet Georgia air.

Every exhale is an excited sigh. An introvert, greeting a common acquaintance.

Sometimes, you swim against the current, end up drowning in the abundance of oxygen, and the rip tides role in.

I stopped playing lifeguard
because your inhaler is always close by.
I promised myself I'd never write about love again, and I broke that promise.
Aug 2017 · 166
Seed Eater (10w)
Devon Lane Aug 2017
From my ashes will grow, a city of Weeping Willows.
Mar 2017 · 265
You look like December
Devon Lane Mar 2017
There are so many reasons to leave.

Tar sits on my lungs like a winter coat.

Philadelphia is colder than your shoulders.

You tell me to stop smoking.

I’d run out naked in a snowstorm just to feel your goosebumps against mine.

I don’t know how to tell you

I'm looking for a reason to stay.
Dec 2016 · 488
Everything All at Once
Devon Lane Dec 2016
Do you still think about me
when your car hums
past the baseball field
and beats toward the twilight?

Can you hear my smile
when the sun is melting into your favorite
flavor of summertime sorbet?


I remember when
we used to summit the dugout
and watch the sky slow dance,

we held hands like our fingers
were sewn together,

and kissed in celebration
like we had reached
the peak of the world.

You taught me how to
write poems about love,
and my open chest cavity.

Since you left, I’ve been writing
about everything all at once.

About how the smoothness of your skin
brushes me awake in a bed in which I am alone,
how love tastes like jazz music
and fireball whiskey,
and about how pain leaves you gasping for air and
draws canyons under your eyes.


I don’t know how to forget
the palms of your hands
in my mom’s basement at 2 a.m.
or the sound of my heart as
I hung up the phone.

I don’t know how to forget
everything all at once.
Three different thoughts I found in a sketchbook from 2015.
Oct 2016 · 342
Devon Lane Oct 2016
My heart is a sinking ship.

It is taking painfully too long for the ocean to swallow.
Aug 2016 · 828
Ode to an American Irishman
Devon Lane Aug 2016
I'm on the brink of 2 a.m.

It's a sticky-sweet July night,
and even though you're not here
I'm surrounded by you.

I had this dream we got lost in an arcade,
and decided to never leave.

I don't know what love is,
but I do know that your clothes
fit me better than my own.

I want to write about you...
but it's hard to fit the entire universe in a poem.

I can try,
we can try.
Aug 2016 · 730
Devon Lane Aug 2016
I can never find the right words
when wanting to write about you.

My thoughts become your cluttered desk.
My mind, searches,
but cannot find its way over your
plastic paper protectors.
Because you insisted that everything more fragile than skin deserves
a little extra attention.

When wanting to write about you,
my brain becomes dog-eared.

By every play, every novel, and every anthology still on your shelf.
Waiting for your hungry eyes
to return to the adventure.
You have yet to turn the page.

Shakespeare couldn't've prepared anyone
for the hurricane hearts you left behind.

There is no monologue
that can fill a pair of lungs with air,
no poem that can breath for the breathless.

I am a natural disaster trying to write
about the sun.

My head is trying to put words
to the fire you left behind.

I know now,
that California's forests are
nothing compared to an empty stage.
Your flames branded
everything you touched
With the sound of your smile...

For a while,
I wanted nothing more
than to look into your oceanic eyes
one last time.

Then I remembered, that I do,

When I walk through that door at 7 a.m.
coffee in hand,
ideas for poems in my head.

You are not a sonnet, or a clear sky.
You are not a tomb.

You are
the cow as white as milk,
the cape as red as blood,
the hair as yellow as corn,
and the slipper as pure as gold.

Most importantly,
you are a classroom full of wide-eyed children.
Ready for their lesson in advanced theatre.
Well, not ready, but we'll get there,
with speed and purpose.
Jul 2015 · 628
City Full of Charms
Devon Lane Jul 2015
I feel like a ripple in the harbor.
Throwing myself against
the Hull of your chest.
A place I used to call home.

Not far from Beason
liquid green
caresses silt that has
always pumped life
into this broken city.
A city where sirens and
church bells sound the same
if you just listen
to the hum of floating taxis
circulating you straight to
the heart of a
civilization learning to collect illumination.

I drag my feet along E. Pratt
listening to the whispers of our past,
a quiet riot in the distance.

Somewhere in this city
a woman is taking her son's hand
for the last time
a brother is tanking
his last free throw
a daughter scribbles
her name in side walk chalk

These children were the
city's flesh and blood.
Fells point in their bones;
a piece of Pigtown in every cell.

We've learned from
our mistakes that
burning down convenience stores
doesn't make life more convenient,
but owning a gun does.
What is the cost of protection
when you're not the one paying the price?

I hope that one day
we will build upon the ashes
and Light Street will burn bright again.
Mar 2015 · 509
All Who Wonder
Devon Lane Mar 2015
I was never truly afraid

of losing you;

I was petrified

of getting lost in you.
Mar 2015 · 638
Devon Lane Mar 2015
Build monuments for her.
High and prime,
with lustrous gold trimmings
and intricate pearl accents.
Surrounded by clouds of lavender,
like tufts of perfection
whispering into a beautiful stranger's ears,
gentle drops of sound.
Strong pillars protecting
a most-prized acquisition.
cementing every brick,
bridging every gap.
Tides of satin caress the nearby shoreline
in an infinite melody.
Crescendoing all prayers of light
and a mother's kind brow.
Diminuendoing unanswered
sighs of temptation.
Dawn kisses wide arcs,
turning immortal sadness into
her favorite raging affliction,
Feb 2015 · 1.6k
Devon Lane Feb 2015
It is
a single blood-red rose,
Lounging in a field
of Sunday morning daisies.

It is
a venerable novel,
ripe with life and adventure.
Love splattered across the pages.
The binding,
begging and writhing to free the secrets
coddled between the lines.

It is
how your mother takes her coffee.
A little cream,
no sugar,
and the promise of
9 AM jitters.

It is
Expecting a hurricane,
only, having to recover
from a day in the sunlight.
It is
a tiny footprint in the sand,
a greasy fingerprint on a doorknob,
the intricacies of a fragile snowflake.

But above all,

It is
Jan 2015 · 693
Addict (10w)
Devon Lane Jan 2015
Is it considered fire if you want to be burned?
Dec 2014 · 282
Devon Lane Dec 2014
I listen to the rain,
how it falls steadily, surely.
Precipitation has a single purpose.
Not to be danced under,
not to be kissed under,
nor to be sung under.
Rain falls solely because
no one is there to catch it.
Everything is impressionable,
hearts especially.
Don't let the rain mold you
down to earth with it's
incurable loneliness.
Look up into the
teary vastness,
hold your arms out wide,
and let go.
Dec 2014 · 704
Devon Lane Dec 2014
Words are not always compiled into heart stopping love letters.

Memories do not always spur intoxicating nostalgia.

The sky is not always that awe inspiring shade of baby blue perfection.

Crayons are not always yellow.

Sometimes, they are black.

Sometimes, darkness is the ideal absence of color needed to complete the masterpiece.
Nov 2014 · 328
The First Law
Devon Lane Nov 2014
The moment their lips met
he recoiled promptly.
For he knew that every action has
an equal or lesser reaction,
and he did not want to be pursued.
Not even by Aphrodite herself.
The girl with bones chiseled from ivory.
The girl with skin smoother than silk.
The girl that kisses the boys and makes them die.
Nov 2014 · 844
Devon Lane Nov 2014
I live my life
in black and white
because simplicity
tastes so much sweeter
than the poison
on your lips.
Oct 2014 · 1.4k
Devon Lane Oct 2014
You could put a bullet through my brain, and I'd still miss you in hell.
Oct 2014 · 697
Devon Lane Oct 2014
heartbreak's only antidote.
Unto chains of despair  
I became one
with solid ground.
Only to realize,
if the world was an oyster
than I must be a pearl.

Liberation struck me like a train,
abrupt, showing no mercy,
leaving the tracks a little messy.

Indulging someone else is going to feel
like conducting
after a life altering derailment.

I'll bottle up my remedy,
with the intention of your freedom,
but with the hope
that you'll always remember
your Annabelle Lee.
It's time to let go.
Aug 2014 · 462
Rise and Shine
Devon Lane Aug 2014
Your smile is like the sunrise.
Gradually, you light up the world;
the luminescence is taken away
all the same.
Even when you're not bright as day,
your spellbinding light shines through.
An infinate glow radiates around you.
Aug 2014 · 1.3k
Ocean Eyes
Devon Lane Aug 2014
"The problem with love these days is that society has taught the human to stare at people with their eyes rather than their souls."
                       -Christopher Poindexter*

See, that's where you are wrong.
I dove right into
that pacific of a soul and knew it had to be.
He let me sail on the deepest, darkest
seas of his mind, as I to him.
I love him, I always will,
but as time moves forward water goes still.
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