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David W Jones Jun 2014
The love ink has for paper
seeking that perfect union
like a couple united in matrimony.

The desire paper has for ink
wanting to feel its flow
gliding the curves along its surface.

Ink touches paper
a sensual path of expression
fulfilling a dream.

The virginity of the paper
surrenders unconditionally
to the ink's fullness.

Giving birth
to written words
for the world to see.
David W Jones May 2014
It feels like I died long ago;
Waking to an unwanted revival.
Drenched from a flaming baptism,
Soaked in anguish.

Observing opportunities masquerading as
Angelic delights; the brood
Masking deception with discretion.

My spirit feels the curse rising from the ground;
My body collapses beneath the heavy rain.

Those desires to change the world
Deemed a misdemeanor; my sweet dreams
Cast upon the smoldering coals,
A wasted sacrifice of embers,
Ashes, and vapors.
David W Jones May 2014
Standing along the seashore
holding an urn containing
the ashes of mistakes and regret.

The foamy water crests
beneath my feet as I say farewell
to these cremated memoirs.

Pouring their ashes
into the wind to drift
along the seas.

Making a vow
never to return
this place again.
David W Jones May 2014
Another night reflecting…

Holding an old pen to calm these
Disgruntled thoughts, spilling on the
Filthy paper; awakened by the emptiness.

Remembering our quiet moments, especially
The casual discussions at midnight about
Nothing and the rain.

Missing the silence
Interrupted by our whispers and the secrets
We kept from the rest of the world.

Crumpling this memoir of disarray; set
Beneath a new lighter to burn
Within the flame.
David W Jones May 2014
His heart embraces
Her longing affections
Creating an unspoken narrative
Upon a silent night

Their body language sets
The mood describing
A moment held within
Eternity with slumber
avoided beneath the sheets

Tender cuddle connected
By yearning lips as their
Souls feel time traverse
Along the moonlight with
Heavy anticipation

Midnight whispers carry
A sensual tale between
Two lovers sharing
Romantic anecdotes that
Eclipse fairy tales and
Fantasies granting a
Night of inhibition
Within the bliss
Of their bedtime story
David W Jones May 2014
Glimmering morning reflections,
Psychedelic memories along the crystal.
Listening to the melody of a Mourning Warbler;
Echoes from her song
Shatters the callous glass.
Pieces falling like snowflakes
Cutting away the misery.
David W Jones May 2014
Youthful exuberance shattered;
Glittering shards of glass
Beneath a pool of dying wishes
Flowing into the hollows.

Reading the wall’s inscriptions,
Yearning for felicity promised
At the vista’s edge.

Aspirations discarded;
Craving simplicity of bread…
Expectations deserted
In the wake of sudden exodus.
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