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Daniel Kenneth Jan 2017
chain smoking on the balcony with a Buddhist monk
not sure how i got here or where he is from
he talks about honesty and compassion and faith
and the girl that he married, that incredible earthquake
he looks at me and asks where i want to go
i tell him to tomorrow, and after that who knows
with a sigh and a smile he ashes and says
you keep living for tomorrow and eventually you're dead
Daniel Kenneth Jan 2017
there is a war for my mind
some debt, i have to satisfy
for 8 years i have lied in wait
while this monster sits, draining my strength
there is a dream in my mind
exactly what, i do not know
but i can't march forward and fight for it
while this army, it eyeballs my throne
there is a reckoning coming
one war, to start them all
either i will live or i will die
but in fear, i shall live no more
Daniel Kenneth Jan 2017
what's the point of good news if you have no one to share it with
what's the point of bad news if you have no one to bear it with
Zeus split us up eons ago when he saw our power
i just want you to come home
Daniel Kenneth Jan 2017
no such thing as a lost cause
you won't always feel this way
a year can turn somebody into a stranger
some things you just can't contorl
Daniel Kenneth Jan 2017
i'm gonna call my grandma more
pet stranger's dogs
i'm gonna be more confident
and conquer some old fears
write every day
and learn how to cook

i'm gonna talk to new people
try to kick *** in school
i'm gonna paint something silly
and read more
maybe find some new purpose
and finally get over you
Daniel Kenneth Dec 2016
this car is almost out of gas
this highway seems endless
this drive is oh so lonely
i liked it better when you were here
Daniel Kenneth Dec 2016
it's so loud
you search for pockets of air
a quiet place to gather
relax, re-engage
it's so loud
the music is blaring and the people are yelling
and you're not really sure why you're here
why you keep coming here

it's so loud
and the drinks cost ten dollars
you don't know how many you've had
but you lie and say the next one is the last
it's so loud
as you feel yourself slipping away
and you're not really what you're doing this for
or how you're gonna break out of this daze
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