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Clare Wright Mar 2010
I felt fluffy and soft,
Weak as a feather,
Blowing in the wind,
My sister seemed like steel,
I needed that steel that day,
Nerves of steel,
So I would not blow away.
Solid and strong,
Calm and sure,
She took me by the hand,
The sister’s hand is true,
From that hand I took the strength,
The strength to see me through,
The sister is great,
Doing things only a sister would do,
The inner power it flowed,
From my sister’s hand to mine,
That is how I survived,
On that dreadful day.
Clare Wright Mar 2010
She was a big fat fake,
Shiny, smiley, shocked, *****,
I took her by surprise,
She didn’t like that,
The pretentious cow,
Political correctness be ******,
The big fat pretend friend,
What lies she hides behind.
Clare Wright Mar 2010
Anxiety pulls and tears the heart,
Depression steals my mind,
My thoughts are stuck and I am dumb,
Where am I today?
Clare Wright Mar 2010
In this throw-away society,
It seems nothing is meant for life,
People scrape and scream for success,
But how do they feel inside?

They throw away things of value,
The marks of their affluent style,
They dispose of treasures,
Even those hard to find.

I have been that piece of *******,
That discarded bit of trash,
Worthless and unwanted,
Casually thrown aside.

A person can so easily,
Be thrown on that proverbial heap,
The piece of scrap,
The person left to rot.

Lucky for me there are others,
Who rescue from the dump,
Those who see the value,
In what others see as junk.

For some people are out there gathering,
Things of the throw-away kind,
For scraps can be turned to beauty,
By one of the loving kind.
Clare Wright Mar 2010
Push forward the day,
Breathe in the calm,
Follow the way,
Friends like balm,
Breathe out the mess,

Like the ocean,
Wave upon wave,
Deep and dark,
Swallowing the blue,
Knowing the true,
Throw off the ropes,
The binds that tie,
Behold the bud,
The flower will die,
Heavy are the days.
Clare Wright Mar 2010
The place is full of evil Gnomes,
Witches in every nook,
They busy themselves to look,
As if they care.
I am a piece of prey captured in the lair,
Something to play with and toss into the air.
Clare Wright Mar 2010
The people rot, they rot inside,
Inside the rotten institution,
They don’t care what they’ve done,
They confess to nothing,
No one will make them pay,
Human costs don’t count,
They become carrion for the vultures,
Their teeth in rotting flesh,
Those vultures up above,
They get fat on the flesh of human weakness,
The fat ones are always on top,
We must save ourselves.
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