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****** I got my jeans wet.
I am always so careless.
But just because you are aware of your affliction,
Doesn't mean you can fix it.
(Despite what they may tell you).
I will wear them anyway.
Glasses are off,
A rare event.
And maybe I can't read the label of my shampoo bottle,
But the soap bubbles gleam like never before,
Miraculous, tiny rainbows seen for the very first time.
And the truth is the government is drugging you
To keep life unexciting,
Blame them for all your miseries.
I am not a therapist!
Just a visionary,
With **** vision.
But only a 20/20 fool
Would see that as an issue.
With just four fingers Mr. Spock,

You ask way too much of me.

— The End —