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Cerrie Jun 2012
The Lollipop King, with his mighty staff,

Flavored all the colors of the rainbow,

Enticing me with what he has

To places where I must not go.

His lust-soaked pheromones masked with licorice

Entice the hearts of the fair maidens of the land.

While I too have fallen victim to his confectionary wishes,

Of this courtship and this romance became something unplanned.

I have now found my way into this lollipop dynasty,

Becoming another member of this sisterhood of sugar.

But the difference with me, if you’ll lean close, you see,

Quoth the Lollipop King, “I do not want to lose her.”

And always alone I’ll say to myself:

When will his time come to place me on the shelf?

— The End —