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Brider Olen Jan 2015
maybe it's because the only
time i can hear myself think
is when it's
and i don't have to worry about
speak up, no one can hear you
or having something to say
that no one will listen to

because i'm absolutely sick of
people telling me they understand
when i haven't even finished the story

and maybe it's because
at 4am
i don't need to
speak at all
to be
by me
Brider Olen Jan 2015
there's something
about the way you pause
ever so slightly before
pressing your lips
to mine

it's as if the space
between our lips is
begging you to
keep your distance

because if you were
to proceed, you'd find
yourself in a world of

you see, i am the moon
and i find myself
lusting after
the city

Brider Olen Jan 2015
I cried for you
last night and the
only thing that
bothers me  

is that you'll never know why.
Brider Olen Dec 2014
From strangers to lovers
And then back again


It was so much easier to forget about you
when I didn't know you existed.
Brider Olen Dec 2014
My mind becomes
such a dangerous place
when it has time
to think for itself.

— The End —