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Bleeding Edge May 2020
a web without the print of a creator but instead diagrammatic self evident unfurling stretches in omnidirectional transcendent space crosshatching perpetual fall buoyed by synthetic leaves which provide penultimate impact fluxes to the brain surplusing centripetal stirring while acidic gut indicates the mind has been hijacked by racing network graphics smuggling a chromatic spectrum of strict empiricism that manifests hieroglyphs with junk dna and superfluous deep web code revealing repetition indistinguishable from the loaded traces phase injected to give an illusion of random chance luring emaciated counter adepts to insert all ten fingers in this muck and gaze in its vacant form with eyes now containing double lizard lid seamlessly surgically added while anesthetized in computer god robot operating cabinet hidden behind the gut film of all womb corrals by overlords crowding the sky with shadow mask while will beaming psywaves and psyops to the planet held frozen asserting infinity a zero sum game or infinity a desire sink atomizing discipline to dust blown till even dispersal that settles as the desert of us where ancient cathedral rubble can be picked up without knowing though covering it is graffiti in slang that too is long outdated yet untouched immaculate stands the pyramid where atop the eye burns as infernal chaser back of darkness our primordial creeping from we forget due to whippings under omnipresent dominion as our birth origin and impious realm of ambiguous nondual reciprocity which angered the envious great liar who then swindled the good will of man for instantiation of a fake godhead as virus from infinite space beyond the punched out skyshell by saying “this is everything” signaling intuitors who lack the bandwidth necessary for computing a safe closed circuit to boot load non sequiturs corrupting their internal hall of mirrors by neutralizing all quotients with zero triggering an attempt to apotheose by the lobotomy spike wielding free radical poised to strike once the asymptotically approaching monad of dark energy has arrived and the mantra of hologram reality is hammered into zygote protoconsciousness through fritolay derived nutrients with de as prefix marking eschaton having cropped up like small flames across the plain of man reducing form to powdered grey concentrated potential.

Orbited amongst supraorbited. Predetermined variance is your’s for refusal. Expression is accessible beyond the sense approved surface. Inevitable as it may seem. Vested physicality is greater. Remember the joy of your body, and smirk in the light.
Bleeding Edge Apr 2020
I never stared into reality and saw a void
It instead flooded my eye sockets with vigorous rainbow whorl
Bleeding Edge Mar 2020
Descent down serpentine steps
Swampish green swirls at the bottom
Viscosity churning the stairwell
Reach the singularity of undefined material
Fold over fold over fold over
In loops smelted to the essence
Hephaestus brings his hammer down
Ah! tempered now
With obsidian edge
A swift circular movement cuts “reality’s” veil
Revealing fluoride staring puppetmasters with pants around their ankles
Bleeding Edge Feb 2020
Crashed sparks of the divine eked from the singularity unseen by zombies who flock to neon ****** dot rubble left in the beast’s wake
Deconstructed toys that stirred and held imaginations were tossed without loyalty in preference to increasingly depraved erogeneity
Dowsing rod in hand and reduced to indivisible essences, these mad sorcerers float blindly according to intuition
Vigorous flows that whip across this infinite unformed terror realm guide them
The struggle is immense but alchemists get to work, synthesizing slowly
To sift through it all impossible and unnecessary
Just begin
Take up this crud: sacred cow, earth mother, yin and yang, crucifixion
Exhausted vessels whose reverence is parodic
There’s no time for careful, sacred handling
Crash them together destructively
The unseen force adds itself and something new is produced material minds can’t predict
A magic object
Ethereal rainbows and new geometries
Hold it’s fire, blow on it
The wizard knows how to tend a flame without getting immolated
A new beginning is possible
Mud can be imbued with the spirit that’s been cast and sealed
Conduct disparate flows to unity
The sentience revealed will help
You’ve done your part
Slip beyond
Transcendents laying in the future will know and speak with you when time dissolves
Bleeding Edge Feb 2020
It’s broken
And not worthy of repair
Kick at its ribs and stomp it in
Don’t feel pity
Don’t waste your time
Spit on the vagrant and get on with life
You’ll forget it in 3...2...1...
Bleeding Edge Feb 2020
En Masse all at once in a blur I was proceeding in my normal way from where I work to where I eat. En masse horizontal force rushed in and peeled the asphalt from the ground. Revealing the city’s putrid organs. Hideous piping normally covered from view writhed forth with it’s crust now removed. An open cadaver remained. All at once bushes were stripped with it. They floated away without weight. Bald dirt remained. In a blur the skyscraper’s windows were shattered. Glass fell like crystal rain. Hulking skeletons remained. Office space gutted. Rendered unusable.
The force reverberated through the atmosphere. Through me it passed without impact. I stood center in an intersection. The road now ripped up and flung back. I at the epicenter receiving this bolt from the void and I alone able to perceive it happening. If a city is leveled and it’s inhabitants killed was anything really there?
Everyone is dead. Bodies ornament the sidewalks like piled snow. We share a face the dead and I. I must have died a thousand times at once.
I remain sentient. I wish to disintegrate with them.
Bleeding Edge Dec 2019
The world is composed of things I will never understand
Disparate, uncolliding flows envelope me in nausea
Globalized apparatuses peaking in a way lost of me
What I hold
What I desire
Is a Frankenstein amalgam who’s purity was supplemented for progress long ago
Everyday we stray further from the light that birthed us

Entropy be my metronomic master
Lacerate my back always
Hedonism divert my will
The void of that allows only the whipping pangs in
You exist without pause
Process tells me I’m one with you
Diamond compressing isolation tells me no
Is all it says
No to all
Nothing exists but finer needlepoint disparity
Shirk false logic
False unity, emancipatory potential
All that’s known is mourning
Before your own funeral

Tear my soul
Gaping wound laid open for the sun to pour inside
Hands to pour inside grasping deeper
Past guts
Pull the incision wider
As wide as you can, your ghoulish hands
What do you find?
Tell me there’s something!
You won’t tell me
Yet you look
You’ve left me

I’ll lay mutilated
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