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Alexandra Dec 2012
Had a dream you were ugly
yet I wanted you just the same
saw you in a different light
further than ever
still so close
Had a dream you were ugly
yet I loved you just the same
Alexandra Dec 2012
ears ring
throat sore
yet I'm pushing, you're pushing,
we're pushing
in hopes that someday
it'll be worth
the roar
Alexandra Dec 2012
wake up today
and smile
that who you are
is going to be better tomorrow
and the day after
if you
wake up today and smile.
Alexandra Dec 2012
look at you
angry about everything
yet everything you speak of
is what **you are
Alexandra Dec 2012
lazy love it was
as we for hours laid motionless
naked of fear
naked of care
yet fully clothed in love
the only clothes I ever wanted to wear
were **yours
Alexandra Dec 2012
Do you ever catch yourself
thinking of what was
then you

Alexandra Dec 2012
What if I was what I wasn't
lying awake sweating
after waking up from a dream
one which actually maybe                                                 Reality
that's hard to swallow
because what if I was what I wasn't
what if I like what I'm not
to like
What if I was me
liking what I'm not meant to be
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