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alexa j l Mar 2019
i used to drown in your love
it would devour me and fill my lungs
with happiness
i could breathe you in without sinking
but now
i do not know how to swim
alexa j l Mar 2019
i am one wave in a storm
surrounded by hundreds of others
headed to shore to crash and self destruct
alexa j l Feb 2019
her mind is a cell
with ice cold bars
that hide her away from the outside
alexa j l Feb 2019
how does it feel
to not be trapped
in a body with a soul that is broken
alexa j l Jan 2019
she came back to talk with me
we sat for hours and wept
i let out my tears
i begged her to stay
she did not say a word
just stared with a face of sorrow
it grew brighter out
that’s when the clouds pulled her away
alexa j l Jan 2019
you blame me for my pain,
insecurities that are boxed in
you say i am the reason
that the sun falls in the evening
so that it may not hear my cry for help
in the darkness of the nights
you are blinded when the sun rises
too blinded to realize
you are to blame

— The End —