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WL Schuett Jul 1
A crack in the mirror
skewers my reflection.
A world spinning
around me
trying to calm it down.

A fragment of a memory
going nowhere
lacking detail and rhythm.

Hot desert night
candles on the gravestones
A scar on his forehead
in the shape of a cross.

Dreams tattooed with
leaves and whisky.
Razor blades served
with printed instructions.

The worm in the bottle
has magical powers .
Better any day than
a bittersweet message.

Free will a desperate illusion
one which guides our way .
We are all aligned like
the moon and stars
Into the sightless
cruelty of fate .

Standing in the doorway
of the alleyway of fog .
If you ever loved me he cries
show me the shadow
of your mercy .

A vortex lost  in the
black hole of shadows.
The place where silence
was born
in the blood of atonement.

Born ****** in the heat
of the heartland.
The prophet rises in the
swirling dust
raises his arms
and screams .

I try to set the
screams to music .
WL Schuett Jun 25
Gentle in her oil lamp sleep.
Boat lights glimmer
on the black water tides .
She was sure she had
figured out the patterns
of the currents .
Till a rouge wave
shifted her world
in concussive clouds of storms.

Her teachings were
of mercy and solicitude.
Yet she was a locked door
with a broken key.

A thunder spider in the
heart of a moon worshiper .
She slips from
wrath and vengeance
to mercy and forgiveness.

Throughout the eyeless night
Touched by God
Secret severe covenants
with beguiling elegance
stationed beneath the
Veranda of lost causes ,
She sleeps softly.
Her freedom was bought
with the blood of others .
WL Schuett May 21
The shade on the window
kept the morning outside.
Garish , grey and miserable
Christ looks down
from the wooden crucifix
on the wall .
Instead of rejoicing
She shudders
from unending revelations .

A small gurgling creek
wrapped around fortitude.
Blue and purple wildflowers
by the musical water in splays .

Travel to the left
of the fork
till starlight hits the dirt .
Thorns of the rose
Violets without.

Intimacy with no submission
strength to strength
in a night
without questions.
No respite
part love
part war .

Her eyes had the look
Of a smile fading.
Beyond her realm ,
a darkness .

A solemn stone castle
burns a midnight blue .
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