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E Jan 2019
I know you may have heard the tale
That zero is but none
But truth be told you can unfold that zero is the one
It cannot be divided by or multiplied together
You cannot add or yet subtract this number any better
There is no math equation here that can begin break it down
Their is no way no way that's possible to find it's value round
It yet cannot be add'ed too or even take away
But yet it's used in all equations one or other way's
It is the base of every number that you've ever know
And is the end of all the thing's in life that's to be shown
For nothing last forever
Whether good or whether bad
So zero is the biggest number
Unless you count infinity
But do you notice something that they share in common
They both share the same principles except one is a whole
So zero is the biggest number so the story's told
This poem makes you think for second and it's fun
E Jan 2019
With 4.11 you can really get lost
It can get kinda scary when you realize the cost
With a cherry of a cigarette glowing in the night
Burning up the amplifiers in the taillight's
Winding down the road getting kinda lost
You can hear the whistle blowing through window hear the Faust
It can sort of hypnotize you if you ain't watching close
And when the radio is playing you're hands white as a ghost
You can feel the bump's and ****'s and shake's
The creases in the road
You can hear the engine roaring loud
And hear the tire's groan
And when you think it's going smooth you think you're doing fine
You hear the engine light go DING! you're running out of time
Get off the road
Get off the road
It's gonna be real bad
Get off the road
Get off the road
The engine just collapsed
Get off the road
Get off the road
Somebody find a map
Get off the road
Get off the road
Too late crash dead and splat
A funny highway fatality song
E Jan 2019
Today I saw an eagle fly his wing's they stretched afar
I never knew that majesty could be a shooting star
I never knew that time could bind and stretch the world throughout
I only thought that life was sad and dream's would turn about
I had a home to which I roamed yet so long ago
And thought I wither my thought's are simpler than what they we're long before
You see this lonesome side of me this fever has no cure
To plunder and roam to land's unknown and travel with too and  fro
I've seen the highest mountain top's
I've swam the deepest sea's
I have plundered far beyond those simple crazy childhood dream's
And yet my mind is lost somewhere I've never gone before
A place so very far away
One I know I'll adore

At morning due I rise from bed to find myself asleep
My mind it ponder's deep beyond the trouble of these thing's
So now you see this opposition is one that I must face
I am yet a stranger weary and tired but yet still out of place
So to me or that to be or that which is unknown
The thought's within my troubled mind carries me back home

Play a ballad for the drifter the one who paved the way
He sang his song's and carried on until his dying day
And on that day he wrote a poem it twas one I know well
He spoke of highest priest and prophets
And spoke of wedding bell's
And then this dream so far away it carried on the east
And fire burned up the whole world
And stretched across the deep
And to the west I heard a roar a voice as loud as thunder
It spoke so loud and yet so proud and freedom was it's hunger
And then at once it came to me in the belly of the beast
It was the east and the west who triumphed over me

Along the road I met a toad he drank a glass of wine
He sang a tune howled at the moon
But could not keep in time
I sat beside the lonesome toad and asked him why he sang
He said you see it's bound to be this world has gone insane
And then away the very next day I seen him laying down
And on his face he wore it soft a golden velvet crown
A fool he whispered came along and stole this thing from me
But now he's dead I took his head and wear the crown to sleep

I am not sure If I adore these travels and these lands
I know it now I'm far away
In very distant land's

So as I sat and pondered on these desperate tale's of lore
A long haired man came unto me and knocked upon my door
I heard a gypsy crack a sigh and say it was her hunger
That caused her to spread prophesy that was false and foolish slumber
And as the cricket chirped away she looked into the ball
Looked at me with her hollow eye's she saw the gavel fall
And then the lighthouse keeper laughed and said watch for the rock's
They **** the men and pull them in the slaughter never stop's
She smiled and cried and frowned at me and handed me a letter
Then she arised and asked of me to be her own pallbearer

So I traveled on ahead to make myself fair time
I got lost in the darkened wood's that took a many lives
I sat and stood upon a truck and heard somebody laugh
And then appeared a foolish man wearing the devil for a mask
And as he laughed he reached in his case and played a little fiddle
But he did not play it evenly he played it very unsubtle
So I asked him who he was He began to speak
And with a roar he said I adore the mild and the meek

I suppose this is where my story come's to end
Or shall I say That it has now only just began
I realize this is a bit long
But I had time and nothing to do
So why not write eh
E Jan 2019
When my grandpa passed away
I went inside his room
I seen a box of letter's
Dating 1942
They were worn and and they were tarried
they had stood the test of time
But I noticed they were opened he must have read them a few time's
So I opened up the letter and I read it loud and clear
And on the note I found these word's that brought my eye's to tears

Darling soon I'm heading out
I don't know where I am
I  sure have lost quite a lot
My brother's and my friend's
I know you worry honey bee just know this much is true
You keep my heart from losing hope
My darling I love you

Now you see these letter's here they mean a lot to me
Cause in his word's I understand
How strong true love can be
I know this world is scary
It sure don't play too fair
I know If I keep searching
I will find someone out there
This is a poem I wrote back in High-school
I'm happily married now
But looking back I see so much
and I sit and wonder how much can change
Just within a few years
E Jan 2019
What is known by all
And seen everyday
No one can avoid
It is a price you pay
This is an easy one
E Jan 2019
What it long and short
Marches with no feet
What is kind but yet unkind
And is kept by all who breath
Not really that hard if you give it some thought
E Jan 2019
I know what you are thinking
I know you're feeling old
I know that you're life has passed you fast
And bad new's left you cold
But you still have unique charm
You still can stop the world
It's not the year's you've lived that count's
It's what's inside a girl
You must be feeling lonesome
That's why I've found you here
No need to sit so far away
Come here i'll buy a beer
I'm am not trying to make you blush
Or get inside you're bed
I only want to make you laugh
And help you get ahead
So don't be coy and don't be cold
I really mean no harm
I could've let you walk on by
But yet I tapped you're arm
So tell me you're long story
I've got the ears to hear
Plus I don't mind I bought some time
It's just you and me here
A funny pick up line/poem I wrote
Made me chuckle
Hope you enjoy it
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