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Escalus Sep 2015
I recalled a time when I was referred to as the sun,
though maybe I wasn't.
Maybe I was the moon,
Simply just a gray reflection of what I wanted to be.
Escalus Jun 2015
"I don't know if I loved you"

Those words echo throughout my heart, crushing it.

Why couldn't you...?
Escalus May 2015
She said she loved his long hair,
That's why when he went to the hairdresser he got his hair buzzed.
Escalus Apr 2015
I once figured you were the feeling in my chest from the music's kick drum,
Now I just realized that you were the
cause of the twisted lyrics.
The drum was my heart,
And I'm leaving before you can rip it apart.
You had your chance,
You ****** it over for "romance"
And don't get me wrong
He's a great guy,
But I wonder what he would do if he knew how sly,
How ******* sly and devious you were being,
I wonder how many romantic lines you were repeating to both of us.
"I adore you"
"I adore you"
Just like the phrase you repeated
"It'll **** you."
Every **** day of the week,
You told me smoking would **** me,
So I extinguished the cigarette,
And noticed the bad taste in my mouth.
I gave it up for you.
I gave it all up for you.
But as I see you two,
Your eyes dart to me,
For some sort of ******* sympathy?
You ****** me over so don't look to me.
I reach in my pocket,
And grab a cigarette,
I turn away,
And light it up.
I'm extinguishing our flame,
And now seeing your face leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
I hope you see how better I'm doing without you next week.
Poems she'll never read, but are therapeutic to write. My 3:00 a.m writings are way too sloppy.
Escalus Apr 2015
My friends were right when they said you were toxic,
It's true, you're worse than the nicotine,
You swear they'll **** me,
You never noticed you were just as bad,
And too you I'm just another lad.
So *******, I'll be fine and I'll do better than I ever did.
Escalus Apr 2015
Lightening in my veins.
And thunder in my heart,
This internal storm will surely rip me apart.
  Apr 2015 Escalus
I don't need a special someone
I don't need love
I don't deserve to be touched
I want to be hated
Don't I lie enough?
I don't want you near
Why are you still here?
I'm only hurting you
You are the only one who will lose
Run while you can
Because the monster inside of me doesn't care
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