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7d · 19
temporary fix
the problem with someone being the bandaid placed on your heart
it has to be ripped off at some point
Mar 8 · 32
Yu Han Sung Mar 8
you dont love me
you love familiarity
start finding comfort in the unfamiliar
Jan 25 · 511
patch me up
Yu Han Sung Jan 25
I'm not broken
don't throw me away
Jan 17 · 63
Yu Han Sung Jan 17
it's funny, because when you think about it there's nothing more valuable than your FreeTime
that being said i hope you can understand why i require so much me time
it could be the largest inconvenience in the world, tell me that you need me and i'll make a b line
if you want to move forward you can't fret about who or what you had to leave behind
time heals all wounds, so enjoy peace of mind in the fact that damage done will one day be fine
narcissistic, selfish, ego-maniac at best, that's how i have the audacity to ask if you'll be mine
Jan 15 · 46
Yu Han Sung Jan 15
don't mean to over embellish, but rather the opposite
we can both be kings wearing crowns, let's just see who polished his
not seeking kudos, i can't eat acknowledgement
had to learn how to keep moving even when I felt like faltering
gotta stay ten toes four by four on all terrain
used to wonder where my time went
now I got my mind set
my life started altering

broke bread and I got crumbs back in return
either you go get it yourself or you wait your turn
and let me tell you from now, it'll never be your turn

life is starting to make me sick, is death the only cure?
I'll give it some time, I just want to make sure
because sometimes I'm really not sure
Dec 2020 · 36
Yu Han Sung Dec 2020
it's as if the world was created to cater to others and i'm not included

not that these parameters are set in order to inconvenience me but rather to convenience those who are not me
Sep 2020 · 71
looking for me?
Yu Han Sung Sep 2020
if i ever go missing
do yourself a favour
don't come looking for me

i want some acres
i want soil
you prefer sand on the beach

i want to grow some beans
i doubt i have green thumb
i just have fun planting the seeds

you can deny all you want
some things can only be learned
i have no intention to teach

if i ever go missing
do me a favour
please come looking for me

woke up, cold sweats
avoiding night terrors
i need to catch up on sleep

life is a rat race
i have no interest in cheese
not envious, but my obsession is green

if i ever go missing
do yourself a favour
don't come looking for me
Aug 2020 · 40
autumn leaf
Yu Han Sung Aug 2020
"you keep changing colours"
she says i resemble an autumn leaf
i do it in hope that you'll fall for me
i still have some pain i'm harbouring

all is fair in love and war
war wounds,
love does the scarring
still hungry for love
actually, i think that i'm starving

i don't accept apologies,
no, i don't pardon

i'm ******* you, i'm even more ******* me
i could be right next to you,
you'll still feel far from me
packed up and left
you took a part of me

all is fair in love and war
no holding back,
we are not sparring
still hungry for love
actually, i think that i'm starving

i don't accept apologies,
no, i don't pardon

is too much to ask,
could you pardon me?
when did you stop calling me?
you don't need me?
i must be obsolete

catch me in autumn, i'm sure that you'll fall for me
i keep changing my colours, i'm an autumn leaf
Jul 2020 · 39
Yu Han Sung Jul 2020
i decided to jump into the river called life
the only problem is i have no control over where the current takes me
Jul 2020 · 192
Yu Han Sung Jul 2020
three course meal, im serving just desserts
now my tummy hurts
my doctor asked me where it hurts
"you got lucky, i could make it worse"

idk what i prefer
"ur dumb and ur young. u never learn."
or "no way this could ever work"
either way im a sucker for thick thighs in a skirt
Mar 2019 · 85
Yu Han Sung Mar 2019
i have *** on days i don't want to
i smoke **** on days i don't want to
i drink on days i don't want to
but i also live on days i don't want to
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
Yu Han Sung Nov 2018
stars do align
all in due time
Nov 2018 · 69
Yu Han Sung Nov 2018
i feel like a crockpot manifesting something delicious. fruits of labour are a slow cooked dish.
Aug 2018 · 87
a muse... me?
Yu Han Sung Aug 2018
i'm your muse?
i'm yours to use.
i was your muse,
now i'm just yours to lose.
Jul 2018 · 90
Yu Han Sung Jul 2018
i was told the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.

humans are creatures of pattern, of routine, if you would.

i was told practice makes perfect. practice requires repetition.

i feel like i'm currently stuck in a rut. i feel like i'm spinning my tires and going nowhere, gaining no traction.

i believe i'm doing the right thing on a daily basis. i'm practicing positive thinking on a daily basis in hopes that i will gain a positive outlook.

maybe it's insane to practice everyday.
Jul 2018 · 104
Yu Han Sung Jul 2018
i told myself i would appreciate the rainy days
i told myself if each day was without clouds i would no longer appreciate the sun
just because i can appreciate the overcast doesn't mean i won't still long for a clear sky
Apr 2018 · 124
Yu Han Sung Apr 2018
what's your basis that you judge me on?
who i am, what i do?
how do you read me, how do you gauge me?
where i've been, what i've done?
or is it what i might become?
Apr 2018 · 209
Yu Han Sung Apr 2018
the whether has warmed up, but the buds that blossomed last year have been damaged by prolonged cold
Apr 2018 · 337
Yu Han Sung Apr 2018
i crave you
i crave your essence
i crave your vibe
i crave you as a being
i crave your energy
i crave your presence
i crave you
Apr 2018 · 67
Yu Han Sung Apr 2018
unspoken agreements are tricky
they're much more specific
once it's verbalized it's open for interpretation
Apr 2018 · 60
Yu Han Sung Apr 2018
i don't believe in clairvoyance
what i received was more like guidance
it was nothing like foresight
it was more like a recap of future events
this wasn't clairvoyance
it was a recollection from my future self
Apr 2018 · 71
Yu Han Sung Apr 2018
it's okay to be among them
as long as you do not become them
Mar 2018 · 84
Yu Han Sung Mar 2018
you had me inebriated from affection
i was addicted to your ambiance
life became dull without it
i felt as if i had to have it
but now i just wish that i had never had it

i tell myself that i kicked the habit on my terms
in reality it's due to lack of accessibility
i know that i'll relapse
good thing i'm already at acceptance
Mar 2018 · 1.8k
Yu Han Sung Mar 2018
you can only eat each mango once
so i go tree to tree picking the best looking mangos i could find
one day i hope to sprout a tree of my own when i find the perfect mango

many of these mangos are sweet
for that reason none of them stand out
i find a mango that has fallen from its tree
it has been bruised and hidden from the sun
this mango is too tough to slice
i approach it differently
this mango is just as sweet as the others
but i like it because it's tad bitter
maybe it's bitter because it's just as sweet
just not as pretty

i like this mango
i want to plant it
but it might be too soon
too soon to grow that seed
so i'll throw this one mango away
not because i don't like it
because i found it too soon
Mar 2018 · 103
Yu Han Sung Mar 2018
if you grow a plant hoping for a fruitful return you will be disappointed.
water it for nourishment, care for it to see it flourish.
if you grow a plant hoping for a fruitful return you will be disappointed.
the harvest will be more bitter than expected,
but the fruits of labour always yield sweeter results.
Mar 2018 · 83
Rolling Boil
Yu Han Sung Mar 2018
today i bought myself a new kettle.
i found one that guaranteed it wouldn't burn me.
hearing its whistle, i still recoil while reaching for the handle.

— The End —