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Nhlekeleza Apr 2018
We were gems once
Now in a world so broken
We wander upon the wonders of the wrath of nature
But where calls upon an ounce for ponder
I do not know, I imagine as ever that it is a display that grows less grotesque as I smile about it
We were gems once

Now we grow old and bitter
Looking wan and pitiful
Lacking a sense of exuberance and ardency
How we used to glow at every go, don't you know?
Gleaming as the streams of galaxies on the face of the sky
We were gems once
Nhlekeleza Jan 2018
I see waves forming from the undermouth
Our time is ours for the while if we bathe in confidence
I have been searching in the labyrinth
Yearning for a thread to sink my passion in
But you pull up your hair like wool from a sheep

It curls my hair and makes me wonder what tree I'll grow under
The firmament is smoky now and I feel the fire
But the picture freezes
Nothing can appease this abstraction
From concentration attrition to the wailing contrition

The piano sounds a symphony and I feel something is here for me
The picture perfect in its pompous posture preparing propriety in ponder
I hear the strings and feel them suckle me in
I am a dreamer who has met his demise and now a dire desire to deliver a dirge on delicate design
How I find and fly a song so on fire,
But the cold

And the picture rolls like a pancake about to be tolled with more flavour
I can taste it in my tongue and feel its beat on my chest
Truly tee to tire tears of the flee where would I truly tinge and fly free?

Nowhere would I be if I could near the nigh neighbour from heaven next to me like a nest that nurtures nostalgia
Oh what a view that smells like stew but powders like hue
Now a dissident delinquent dead of dedication derelict in the deep
How I near and chase the steeds, I guess I will just leap.
Nhlekeleza Jan 2018
But when leaves you are done
Who will surmise your derision?
In these scents of colour I clamour
But you know you, you are the vision
Walking out of impudence you are glamour
The moon by day opens up a different kind of hue
A few purrs and I take a whiff
Oh but surrender in this waking field

In seasons I wonder whence I will plunder
But the setting sun lets me know that there is a bright view
How high can I fly if I understand what Bigfoot begins to wonder
The azure is a pleasure but to simple it is only soft blue
Out of the darkness, into the plight
How I just dream that I could be that one leading light
Like a lantern in the wilderness I long to glow just the right way
Ceilings of this firmament, I know there's a cosmic song beyond that does play
Oh but surrender in this waking field

My senses awaken now and I know I am in nature's basket
A flower here and there all naked and ripe for me to pluck
There are so many streams and much terrain before I fill my buckets
Let this be muse that continues before time pulls the plug
Before time pulls the plug on this moment true
I wander up and sideways at that misty bloom
Oh however true and sincere in plain sight
Can I just find the road where in the end I smile as it leads right
Oh how I surrender in this waking field..
A whiff and I'm up again.
Nhlekeleza Dec 2017
But why can't you see that I am me and not the enemy?
How could I know that being me fills you with envy?
I didn't think that I could possibly be your role model
Wish you should see that we are living in a world of plans and scandals

A mere demographic can be the epitome of character and superiority
Why you are being mean at me I understand not entirely
How could I know that my presence and being put you under pressure?
How could I know that my lifestyle is tge highest degree that you long to measure?
- Why are you being scornful towards me?
- When I would never turn such an eye towards thee

- Didn't you know that I only meant to be a friend to you?
- Couldn't you see that I wished upon the moon for you and me so we could see value?

- Why are you being so hateful towards me?
- Don't you know that my soul breathes and my heart beats and my mind dreams?
- Why are you being hostile towards me leaving me melancholy?

- Until you leave to be the real you and notice the reality of me, you will realise that I haven't been phoney.

[A poem about bad and good friendship]
Nhlekeleza Nov 2017

Honey boo it has been a mission with you
Sometimes you're revlon to my menthol
Ease my smarts emotionally when life has left my heart sore
Appease my fears when I ought to do something overwhelming
There was a time when I stared into your eyes and it left my hands shaking
My body was being given a signal that something seismic was happening
I would hold you and it would feel like my world is coming together like the fusion of broken pieces of the the earth's crust

But now all we ever have is distance
Whenever we're together it's like we'd rather be with other people
Having *** is like reading about some mundane dramatic story with PG16 restriction
Writing you poems has become insurmountable like I need a prescription for heightened perception
Talking has become more ritual rather than something enlivening and influential
I document the way I used to feel by writing haikus to other broads so I can have emotional satiation vicariously through them

You say you want more love and affection
But it seems I am just security and a thawing tool when you need warmth and attention
Our love needs some external spiritual inspection
There has been a third party infection
All that is left now is remedial selection
Selection from the options that have sprouted from our detachment
A tree has grown that is not rooted from our vows and affectionate disposition
It grows weeds that act as a fungus poisoning our garden of passion
But like a reenactment, you just assume a role you would if you were still in love
It looks so simulated I am not at the least stimulated

I remember how like a tree and its leaves we were euphonic - we collocated
But now we are like familiar strangers who are unrelated
So for the familiar feeling I go to a bordello for an ****** massage or beyond; I don't know the *** worker but I know you so atleast with her neither of us has to be two faced about it
There was a time when I called you and came to see you and you had this gleaming countenance
Now whenever I text, you don't reply like I'm something you wanna forget like the fallen continents
It is no secret that our love has been drooping low and at the danger of an apocalypse
I would pretend that this is something on the telly and I'd act Nelly that this will end fairly but I am not a dramtist...

I am a realist and the pure feeling is I haven't stopped loving you
But I would be lying if I said I am still 'in' love with you
So I don't know if you wanna see this through
Maybe if it works you and I can enjoy the oleander view
Kiss each other a few more times and get lost in the breeze of azure blue
Time has been a rhyme fine where on the clock I'd climb and rewind to the times when we were twinned or to be right intertwined and it was fine, love was blind, there was ******* moaning but scarcely whine, so I would like to find if you would mind being on that train one more time....?
Maybe this time we won't derail but maybe our souls can soar and our hearts sail
Our memories are my bait so maybe if we reminisce we can bail out the imprisoned trysts
If you say you'll stay maybe there is colour beyond the pale
But if you choose to end it just know my emotions for you will never fail.


Sweety bae envision this...
Our arms locking
Lips folding
Cardiac muscles holding
Time to time I let loose mine to your eyes
And it leaves my heart frozen
The pulse lets lose my synapses
For a more aromatic induction
Our love a tower
My body feels like Summer in your cold arms

What amnesia is this!
You forgotten how we met?
It felt weird...your calm posture
Your weird face with that lavish smile
You looked at me from a mile
Bewildered I held back
In a while...
You said to me "Hi"
I gave a smile and passed my greetings
We battered sentences with illusions of paragraphs
But it stayed with the distance
I thought of you ever since.

Moment & Anastacia
Nhlekeleza Nov 2017
Fresh from bout bowelling out
Strict to the noun-foul, striking out
Free from the doubt, designing drought
Finding corolla in new memoralia clout

Sinking in and dipping in deep into trouble
Flanking out and breaking out from the double
Sizing the sequel to be pleasure bubble
Getting through clean and peaceful without a fumble

Aligning caught and catching thought
Finding the way throughout avoiding the fought
Whatever the seas that make us immortal
However the seams turn pillars into portals

Drenched now in the reigns
Cooled down by purple love marooned to later rain
I do not know how much I feign lest I faint
Only these words my communical to conversation paint.
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