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MR Jun 2018
You left me without words to express
My face said it all
No tears came out that day
but certainly there was heart ache

After you broke me again... and again
You asked my remaining pieces
If i could stay
And even though i thought about it twice
I knew you were more pain than love
And i left -
MR Jun 2018
Cause i am a "turn the lights off
put some music and light up  candles"

And you are a " get your clothes off and lets have *** "

No wonder we were never
We were never
On the same page
MR Jun 2018
i am currently living balanced
Not too much of this or that
Just the right amount

Just like a diet ...
Changing the variety and quality
But instead of food, of people
The people i deserve-  
And took out the trash
That no longer serves
MR Jun 2018
And everyday I tried different ways
To escape my reality
Some where good, others not so much
But what I ******* understand
Is that no matter what i did
Or where I go
I would end  in the same place i was all along
MR Jun 2018
I'm a kid, but not a kid
Cause kids don't go out
Like i do
And kids don't sleep
In stranger's houses
Like i do
And certainly
Kids don't have ***
Like i do
But also i remember
Kids don't have the responsabilities
That i do
And kids dont pay bills
like i do
And i want to go back
And be just a kid
but i cant
i've been living like this
for  a long while
MR Jun 2018
I've been touching myself
To feel something
And i've been smoking
And i've been drinking
And i've been thinking
That i've been kissing
Strangers when i dont mean it
I've been partying
And overthinking
I've been sleeping
And i've been dreaming
Maybe if i do this i'll feel a thing
I've been coughing
Cause i can't breathe
And i've been drowning
With little cups
Filled with alcohol
That taste like water
Cause i am numb
And cant feel a thing
MR Jun 2018
to be a poet
takes a lot
takes a soul
who has been through hell
or more
poetry comes from the darkest places
From a deep hole, nobody wants to enter
It comes
From fears, and frustration
From all that sadness, and depression
From a river of tears we cry at night
Holding our pillow, so we dont make a sound
And you hold it close, cause you want someone there
But nobody cares
There is no one there

All those feelings
Write them down
Your mouth is shut
But your words come to life
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