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Mary Woods Feb 2021
When did we fall,
Life's debt to us is in vain,
And why we ask?

Governed by a phone,
In the eye of a girl,
Who has been taught to wear a mask.

Told to try our best,
Only to come I last.

Tell me now,
Where can I go,
When I can't escape my thoughts.

Walk down to the shop,
Buy a pack of cigarettes,
And alcohol for support.

This is how you cope,
When you haven't been taught.

The ground beneath us is breaking,
Would you fight to fall?
Well tell me what you have to fight for.

Your family, your friends,
Your job, your partner, your children,
Is that it, no more?

What about yourself?
Is that something worth fighting for?
Mary Woods Feb 2021
I try hard to express what I feel through words,
The only problem is,
There are not enough.

I can't say what I feel,
Because I don't know what the feeling is.

I can't show my feelings,
Because no one can really show their feelings.

I can't describe the feeling,
Because then it won't be a feeling I'm describing.

I can only feel this feeling,
This indescribable feeling I wish I didn't feel.
Mary Woods Feb 2021
Two years ago I would be terrified.

Sitting alone in the dark,
A bus stop on an empty street.

My hands are under my legs,
Im not cold.

Ive stared at a yellow light,
I imagine its hue as the sun
It feels warm.

Sounds of faint wind whistles course from one ear to another,
I smile and take a deep breath in.

Here where I am sat, I belong.

I close my eyes and imagine what will come of me,
What will come of me?

The Artic air, the sinister setting complete a tranquil mind.

I have accepted all odds.

I am not scared.

— The End —