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MKB Feb 2013
I want to roll up the
moon and fit her
in my pocket.
So she can sing me
to sleep with
  no sound at all.
Then I'll jump on birch
branches like the boy with no
baseball and swing till their quiet arms
dip low and moan-
"please child, enough-"
        because I don't know limits.
MKB Feb 2013
It's so strange and


Knowing something near but unknown has departed;

Knowing there is a heart that won't be restarted.

Hold your moments-children's glass marbles,

Sparkling in the river water-

Like precious stones.
A soul I never knew left the world yesterday; four is always too young, but the innocence forever suspended is beautiful. Rest child.
MKB Feb 2013
It's as simple
As a feeling
Being there,
And then not.

It's as different
As the seasons;
Blooming spring,
Winter rot.

You make me sick.

Acid waste
So sharp
Upon my

And now--

I hide my heart
Like a loaded
MKB Feb 2013
The burning fire, neith all the words we 'er spoke,
And the thrumming of the trees, that we mistook ,
The ports are cold round here my love,
I'm all alone at the boundary.
A verse to a song a never finished writing. Maybe I will one day.
MKB Feb 2013
Sometimes my mouth runs
and my mind ceases to
follow the incessant
rambling that spills so
ferverently from snapping

And there are some nights my
    voice hides-buried so far into
my chest I've no choice but
to silence my tongue and
to scream in  my
MKB Feb 2013
Rise up and walk-
         None of your bones are yet broken.
MKB Feb 2013
Cold, soft, dusting skies,
Sweep away the gentle night.
Rich violet brings promises of the dawn-
Glittering stars grow quiet-then are gone.

The lulling whisper of the sand
Silences itself, once again.
Lays dormant and muted at your feet,
Voices submitting to enveloping sleep.

Soon the sun will scream it's rise,
And blaze relentless across empty skies,
Beat down upon empty land;
Beat down upon empty man.

And I'll wait patient-I'll wait for dark ,
Wait for the noise of day to depart-
And in its wake the cocooning reprieve,
Of the endless, satin star-lit sea.
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