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Liz And Lilacs Apr 2017
I feel alone.
Liz And Lilacs Apr 2017
Sometimes, i feel like a ghost.
I'm sitting in an empty train car,
staring out at a barren countryside.
It's winter, the trees are dead, the sky is gray,
there's no trace of life outside,
no trace of life inside the train,
no trace of life inside of me.
This is the train in which
they transport my coffin.
The box that holds all that was me
as I sit as stare out the window
Sometimes, I feel like a ghost.
Liz And Lilacs Apr 2017
I stand in the door way, backlit.
The light casts my shadow
sprawling at my feet,
my roots in the carpet,
growing into twisting branches
of light blocked by my skin and
flesh and bones and thoughts
like trees growing since time began
and thorns and leaves
shedding and spreading
I am me
and my shadow is a tree.
Liz And Lilacs Mar 2017
If you could see how many untitled drafts I have,
What would you think?
Shall I count them for you?
Upwards of twenty,
unfinished thoughts
and half formed metaphors,
poems where I just couldn't
find the words at the moment.
Liz And Lilacs Mar 2017
It is like I have fallen into unfriendly waters,
and my boat could not stop for me
and I am swimming further and further out to sea
and there is no land in sight
and I am alone.
Liz And Lilacs Mar 2017
To the child who's youth was taken before it began,
Despite all your suffering, it is such a joy to see you play and smile and laugh. You are so brave, not to let your illnesses steal your light. I hope someday you get to see the world through healthy eyes and live without pain. You are beautiful and you are wonderful and you deserve to hold the world in your hands.

Stay strong, dear.
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