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Emily Feb 2019
A Papaya at her peak,
Amber skin glowing in the moonlight
Both vulnerable and ripe
As nature intended
The strength of her vine
And her sweet-scented flowers
Drew him near
She invited him to taste her soft fruit
As if filling his mouth with words
She needed to hear
And his ego was satisfied by
A mouthful of unforgettable raw flavor
Papaya 2.0 Working on saying more with less
Emily Feb 2019
Two spirits dancing
Who don’t drift apart
When the music stops

Emily Feb 2019
A little girl
Following a straight and narrow path
May just be staying in the light
And warmth of the sun
While she is plotting
A beautiful moment
To run off course

Emily Feb 2019
Since breaking my heart
I’ve rebuilt one
Capable of loving

Emily Feb 2019
My most poignant memories
Are tattooed under my skin
Ink that runs through my veins
Carried to and from my heart
Some release serotonin to my mind
Others let go tears from my eyes

Emily Feb 2019
If a relationship ends
And energy seeps out
From all the pieces you broke
Just to fit together with someone
Whom you never imagined you could
Become unglued,
Then recommit to loving yourself
Work on becoming whole
So that you don’t ever have to rely
On another person
To complete you.

Working on style and short versions
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