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Sep 2020 · 40
The Light
Janelyn Dupingay Sep 2020
I can hear murmuring voices
At the  back of my mind.
I can see images that aren't realistic,
Laughters can be heard from the wind.

There seemed to be a strong force
Asking me to get lost of my sanity.
It enjoys watching me sink
At the depth of my loneliness.

It's pulling me, grabbing my hand
To jump into the valley of quietus.
But the louder scream from within
Awakened my drifting senses.

I can see the light penetrating from the dark,
It's brightness brings immeasurable hope.
And I'm choosing to find the trace
Which will lead me to the beaming sunlight.

Not my fear could derail the desire to rise
Nor the frantic illusions could bend.
Angels came and wrap me with thy warmth
Leaving no reason to surrender my breath.

Jul 2020 · 43
Break Free
Janelyn Dupingay Jul 2020
Those sleepless nights
Where I see myself
Cradled into the ugliest memory.
Bleeding over the unheard agony,
Penetrating deep into my soul
Crying over the faded flickering light.

Shattered ardour,
Weakened yearning
Hopeless woman
Gone the divine.

I broke out the chain
of torturing evocation.
Unfurled my pinions,
Soared over the sky.
Unearthed the pieces
that you've buried beneath.

I'm back to life sturdy and still,
I'm over you and I really do!
Don't ask me when
Nor take me back.
I find no way
to the old misery.
A poem inspired when I freed myself from the shadows of yesterday.
Janelyn Dupingay Jul 2020
Staring blankly at my wall,
Wishing to drop some line
on this empty sheet .
Hoping to ease the burden-
where the weight of the past
has constantly been torturing.

As another day has come,
let the light be brighter.
Let the melody justify
the beauty of the song
as it promises a new beginning-
to the soul that has been tormented.

Break free from the shadows that haunt
and the arduous journey alone.
Embark on the waiting adventure
of a promising tomorrow.
Let not the  bygones be the hindrance
to the magnificent triumph ahead.

As new  dawn breaks,
let the shimmering light;
penetrate into the darkness
and lead each prisoned soul-
into a brighter world,
where love and hope awaits.
In this trying time, hold on to our FAITH ❤
Sending my VOICE through Poem.
Jul 2020 · 238
A Rainbow of Peace
Janelyn Dupingay Jul 2020
Look at the sky!
Listen to the melody,
That angels are humming.
Climb at the highest peak
Watch the beauty that never fades,
Engraved majestically
By hands of the most powerful.

The rainbow of peace
Painted splendidly,
Resting beneath the silent ether.
A magical hue,
Calling for an intense stare.

Get drown into its power,
Let your sanity be restored.
Travel to each and every line,
Washing away your fear and sadness.
Stand into the valley
Where the colors ended.

Catch every brightness,
Seal it with teeming care.
Inhale the offered silence
Rectify the growing pessimism.
Indulge into the quietude
Where you can see
A vivid splash of wonder.

— The End —