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Hinata Dec 2015
She is a woman,
Just another human.
She is a broken,
Her true feelings are never spoken.
She is struggling,
There's so many things that she's juggling.
She is different,
An odd one, almost transparent.
She is intelligent,
An excellent student.
She is scared,
The world is something she feared.
She is a lover,
Caring, protective like a mother.
She is a dreamer,
Dreams full of clouds and streamers.
She is a wall of hope,
Opening up peoples minds to different scopes.
She is a constructor,
Building people up after they got torn down by destroyers.
She is a mystery,
Shrouded and hidden is her misery.
She is a messenger,
Preaching messages and a faith deliverer.
She is needed,
Her limits are always exceeded.
She is open minded,
No soul was ever so kind and kindred.
She is someone who no one sees,
Always forgotten when people leave.
She is a forgiver,
Always ready to forgive.
She is hard as stone,
Because in the end, she was always alone.
She is...
She is......
She is strong,
Even when the world treats her wrong.
She is....
She is......
  Nov 2015 Hinata
mark john junor
she gets nervous when a steady rain breaks out
he eyes jet across the grey sky
as her fingers grip a stranglehold on her
lace dreams
the rain cools the summer day
releasing its wet magics
to pool in the shallows
quiet in her revere she mumbles madness at the
sharp edge of afternoon
forlorn she wails in silent apocalypse
at the torn things that could have been
at the tattered flag of empire
which she grew up believing in
her sorrow knows no bounds
as her kinship to the trespassing moon knows no love
she will wait out the rain
hoping to heal
but knowing that only time passes
all else waits to be resolved in the crucible of dreams
the rain begins to ease
its liquid sound kissing the ear
as she moves into the remains of sunlight
she will survive
and so will her tears
Hinata Nov 2015
Shadows of the past haunt me,
Consume me.
Your words killing me,
Oh so **** softly.
I lay upon the ***** floor and let you take my soul,
Within my heart, you created a dark hole.
I held onto myself and cried,
These years, I've watched myself die.
The pain that followed me everywhere,
I couldn't find you anywhere.
You had abandoned me,
You had left when I needed you mostly.
I cried as I held onto the remains of our memories,
It was always the same story.
I let you control me,
Hurt me and twist me.
I let you violate the purity of my soul and body,
I even abandoned everybody.
The torture and regrets of the past come back and **** me,
Oh how I wished to be free.
My once strong will now begins to falter and fade,
I am thrown back into my former cage.
I look to you screaming and crying on the inside,
You continued to lie through your eyes.
They were my undoing,
You were my undoing.
I have resorted myself to sneaking around,
I have resorted myself to being your concubine instead of your queen with her crown.
Though you never cheated on me with anyone physically,
You abandoned me emotionally.
The death of my character was set in stone,
My sins are something I wish to atone.
We had problems,
Yet we never solved them.
The utter betrayal I felt when I see you fixing another girls troubles,
The utter hurt when you defended her doubled.
You had chosen her over me,
Put her before your future family.
You had asked me to be your wife,
You said it was with me you wanted to spend your entire life.
Then you chose her over me,
It broke me.
Consumed me.
Destroyed me.
You chose her problems to fix, chose her over us,
Destroyed us.
You cared about her more,
What was I? Your stupid little *****?
Yet I forgave and kept being strong,
Afterwards everything went wrong.
I broke down and cried,
I saw the remains of my past self die.
As our friends look upon me with worry,
I couldn't help but feel fury.
I was gone,
My hope, my will, and who I was were gone.
The shadows of my past destroyed me,
I had nothing.
Now all there is is emptiness,
I have become nothing.
Hinata Nov 2015
Do you ever get lost in your depression
      Lost in your obsession?
Do you ever just want to stop being strong
        Even when you're the one who's wrong?
Do you ever just want to cry
        And just die?
Do you ever just want to escape from reality
         Even when all you've ever wanted was to be happy?
Do you ever just want to leave
         Let everyone be?
Do you ever just wonder if you are not making a mistake
       Still feeling like ***** up anyways?
Do you ever just wished you were as beautiful as the people you admire
         Never left undesired?
Do you ever just wish you could be better
          But you can't and it doesn't even matter?
Do you ever just wish you weren't yourself
          Not unhappy, not undesirable, not in need of any help?

Don't you ever just wish to be free?
Hinata Nov 2015
From sea to shining sea,
The land of the free.
It's America, so beautiful,
So so wonderful.
Where mothers and fathers divorce over petty thing,
Where the gang life is a supported thing.
The kids are over stressed with the standardized tests,
As if cyber and real life bullying doesn't exist.
Where tales of heroes get trampled by movie stars,
Where beauty for women leave them to starve.
Where the round plump adults use fad diets,
A congress fillled with big fat liars.
Education is stressed but no jobs available,
Where real political and social issues are swept under the table.
Scandals get shame,
Pornstars bask in fame.
Where love only matters if it's between a man and woman,
Where no one cares about no one.
So many measly votes don't even count,
Where rumors get around.
Kids want to be gangsters and pimps,
They cuss and go about unpunished.
Where corrupt corporations rules us all,
We watch as poor families fall.
Everybody is homeless,
Everybody is jobless.
We're drowning in debt caused by our own selves,
Don't forget the government's debt as well.
Where women sexually assault and abuse just the same as any man,
Where PTSD sufferers hide as much as they can.
Where people are pill poppers from all the chaos and insanity,
Where people suffer with their own vanity.
Where writers and artists die slowly from the culture,
Where everybody seems to be starved vultures.
You're a citizen for sure so long as you're an Anglo man,
Senior citizens no longer counts as human.
Where people don't love anymore,
Where there are no committed relationships anymore.
Where friends stab each other in the back,
Where everybody has their own plans.
Where people can sleep around with everybody,
It's one big giant ****.
Where everyone comes from a broken home,
Where everyone is glued to their phones.
Where Tattooed people aren't even real people,
Don't even get me started on transvestite and homosexuals.
Where people in churches don't even follow their religion,
Sometimes they are the ones who commit the most sin.
Where everyone who's different and walks away from the majority,
They are seen as freaks.
Oh America, so beautiful and sweet,
Done from your polluted oceans to your ***** streets.
Where your trees die and become furniture or get wasted,
Where everywhere is overpopulated.
Your roads always full of cars full of anger,
Your air is so polluted everywhere.
Your constitution is changed so many times,
Where your laws never changed completely to suit the times.
Your female citizens ******' are controlled by old ideals and white corrupted men,
Who are over voted and over represented.
You're swimming in debt in the trillions worth,
There's so much pollution in the earth.
Oh America you are taunted and seen as fools around the world,
Yet you stay together dear sweet girl.
Oh America let's not forget the good in you,
Don't be so blue.
You have people who love you,
People who would fight for you.
You proved the world wrong in so many scenarios back then,
You've been several friends.
We forget that you were created off the sweat and tears of our men and women.
We have changed so much,
We have learned so much.
We have seen great people that stood for change,
Despite your young age.
We were immigrants when we came,
And we did many bad things to be here today.
But the past is the past,
We must change at last.
It's time for us to stop being the idiots and prove everyone wrong,
For now it's time for us to get along.
Sweet America, oh my sweet,
Let's help you remember why we're free.
Hinata Oct 2015
You're a ******* coward,
Here I am getting worse and worse by every hour!
You don't bother to call,
You don't bother to do anything at all.
I can't tell you **** because all you do is tell me I'm wrong,
You always treat me like I'm wrong!
I'm not ******* stupid,
Here you are whining and complaining like a *****!
I tell you I feel ******* empty,
I tell you that I'm lonely!
I've listened to your problems and fixed them,
Yet you won't even help me with my problems.
You think that I'm just overreacting,
You think that I'm just lying!
Why would I complain if it wasn't a problem?!
Why do I beg and plea for your help to fix them?!
You think that you're some ******* saint,
You think you don't deserve all of my complaints!
You ******* left me when I needed you most,
You left and treated me like a ghost!
You ignored my problems,
You went out with your friends.
You chose to fix another ******* girl's problems over mine,
She's not ever your family, yet you wasted my time!
You chose her so go **** yourself,
I can be with somebody else!
You treated me like a ******* *****,
Yet I was stupid for letting you have more!
I was your ******* girlfriend and fiancée for 4 ******* years,
Yet all you ever did was cause me tears!
So ******* darling,
Thanks for all your stupid stalling.
So ******* ******
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