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Time, transformed me

Heal every touched of rage

All failures that rub me

The wound of my past

Teacher, modified me

Teached me the right path

The lane for a healthier tomorrow

For me to define this life with a better meaning

My friend, changed me

Picked up my wobbly hand

Give mind advice to cure its unrest

I want to feel your positive outlook

My dearest, refined me

Let me feel that genuine affection

Not the phony hugs and kisses

For my body and lips to attained true love

Lord, enlightened me

I was lost in intersecting road

Please display the right ladder

To the place where you are

From my tagalog poem: Baguhin Mo Ako

Translated: 1-18-2016

Forgotten Heart Jan 2016
they said
i have a genuine smile
but i solely know
the reason
behind this smile
and secretly i want
you to know
that you are the reason
behind this
genuine smile
of mine
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