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Fenna Capelle Apr 2021
I held it truth with every look
That it dreams away her own effect
That the saints have thought themselves too high  
And begged the sinner for respect

They cried “go fetch me water from the desert
Force a drop out of this stone
For nature now needs watering
And cannot live by rain alone”

But the rain has ceased her effort
And I loved the subtle agony
What land is that which harbours
Every height and depth of me?

But from grace to grace we lived and lived
From truth to truth we died and died
The common ground proves us ephemeral
The highest deeds are misapplied

I danced with fools, the old, the ragged pasts
Of worlds that hid themselves for shame
And the beggar girl has played the tunes
Of which only she will know the name
Fenna Capelle Mar 2021
The sun had hid her warmth
For a ragged girl with blistered feet
That sold her ware with all her voice
That begged for justice on the street

And still she cried "buy here my goods"
She was the sun, she wore her smile
The world had ripped the rags she wore
And only gazed a little while

It gazed and gazed and soon forgot
The cries, the tears the frail demand
The light it took without remorse
From this her garish suppliant

And still she smiled for she knew well
That streets have harboured yet so many
No hope was lost, no word undone
"Come buy my goods, t'is but a penny"

But winter clenched its iron fist
The seasons took the earth with ease
And drew the line; the rich were warm
The poor were famished by degrees

Her voice died out, her cry was muffled still
The curtain fell with little care
Her final bow she took, one faint applause
One last shrill cry; "come buy my ware"

She had left the world a memory
But the graveyard still is ignorant
Of the life it took without remorse
From this her loving suppliant
Fenna Capelle Feb 2021
I've made a world from fields and flowers
And head the unforgiving call
Behold the tears that found their rest
Behold the love that found a soul

I know the tunes, I've played them all
I've torn the violin apart
The song it died, I watched it fall
Between the centuries of the heart

Yet the world I loved seemed sweeter still
The light was garish, the dark was gay
I played the fool, I played with fire
And let the ashes steal away

I passed the watchman on his tower
He rests and sighs and rests and fears
He watches every passing hour
For very soon the morning nears

And as I stood, the time stood still
He bows his head, he sighs and prays
"Such was the longing that was mine
Such were the authors of my days"
Fenna Capelle Feb 2021
I have to leave this palace
With its unforgiving gaze
The jealousy's meticulous
The green eyed envy of its face

This heart shall have some peace then
For it comes away to thee
And it shall write for pangs of love
And the art of liberty

This world has asked the ransom
For some forgotten child
That learned to fear her own ambition
That never wept nor ever smiled

But the quality of beauty
Is hidden from itself
Her mirror cracked from side to side
What cause had I for vanity
For I knew that dark was right

But this mind shall have some comfort then
For it comes away to thee
And it shall love for reason's sake
Her own deformity
Fenna Capelle Jan 2021
Dare I hope in the throes of a fire
In the flames of a life that's been lived
In the chains of unquenched desire
And the future imprisoned in thrift

The city dies with the death of its people
And dare I hope for the healing of all
O, isolation hides safe in her steeple
And calls out to an innocent soul

Yet the city will ever be golden
The yoke of desire's not heavy to bear
Dare I hope for a light quaintly olden
For all that is peaceful and fair

When the flames of our fancies are gone  
Dare my hopes let the fire pass on
Fenna Capelle Jan 2021
I have fought the failing of philosophy
And swore a long and solemn vow
That I could pay the price for reason
But I am old and foolish now

I have sustained the truths in science
But found that knowledge, learning, physic must
Hold just one truth to be substantial
That all shall fade and come to dust

Yet I will sing of beauty
And adore the glory of these days
Although the myth's no longer sacred
And I fain could live on praise

Break there the glass of madness
Break there the mind that would allow
That my love has reason, yet my reason none
But I am old and foolish now
Fenna Capelle Jan 2021
I should hold this world a memory
For I'll soon be old and gone
And sail unto a land of dreams
Beneath the setting sun

The world shall be an endless song
Played on the strings of broken lyres
The wind to be her death lament
Her hours confined in fires

The lilies then were fervourless
White roses snowed upon their tomb
The weeping willow mourned her epitaph
And cursed the dull buds of her womb

There was little cause to win the war
There was little cause to dread the fear
Or phantoms of unresting thought
That peopled the world we held so dear

Break there the curse of Lethe's memory
Or the ecstasy that was its price
While we embarked there on the merry ship
That sails away to paradise
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