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Crystal Apr 2020
I don't cross your mind like you cross mine;
and, I think about that a lot.
There hasn't been a single day where,
I haven't thought of the way that you say my name.
But my legs aren't tired so your mind must not be runnin.
out of time, as my clock would suggest
my eyes are heavy when I lay my head to rest,
I wish for nothing but the best and you're better than the rest.
I wish love didn't feel like a stupid test.
I've chosen a, b, and c far too many times
to let some D take what I have left.
I've never been a fan of the standardized love fest.
So when you came around
I thought, just maybe-
there were still some good men left.
Turns out I didn't need them anyways
Crystal Apr 2020
Make a pinky promise and don't pull apart.
Don't break the promise or you'll break my heart.
But if you use the wrong finger,
my thoughts and feelings will still linger.
Make a vow with this light and tell me you'll still feel the heat
when the flicker of the flame has been tamed.
I'll promise you to keep these too because if I broke your heart it would be like breaking mine too.
So I'll promise you all of me if I could have a little piece of all of you.
Pinky promises are to be taken very seriously
Crystal Apr 2020
I've never felt so dismay.
I'd say it's anger but it feels different in a way.
The feeling settles in my chest.
I have to take a seat before words become concrete.
I told you that I loved you.
Why wasn't that good enough to make our ends meet?
Why'd you have to go look for another?
I told you I wasn't really that broken in between my stutter.
I tried my best to make you stay.
now i'm sitting here without you, and it's been one hell of a day.
I wish I could call and ask if you're doing okay.
But my numbers been blocked for about three days.
As I stare into the sky, the clouds begin to sway.
I'm getting desperate, I've asked every star to take this pain away.
On these lonely nights,
I wish you would've stayed.
Your love is enough, trust.
Crystal Apr 2020
I don't want this to sound cheesy, but you make me kinda queasy.
You give me moments that ain't too easy.
I try so hard to hide it but when you smile I just can't deny it.
Exit 3a but the butterflies refuse to go away.
the cars sound coming in like waves.
Man, how I really wish I could stay.
You give me movie moments.
I have no ticket, but I think i'll still sit here and
enjoy it.
The beginning of a beautiful summer.
Crystal Apr 2020
It's so hard to express emotion when you're lacking devotion.
The words sit on my tongue, but the cat won't let it go.
I'm tired of searching for accreditation with no accumulation.
letting my feelings be known with the condition that my face must be without disfiguration.  
I don't have space left in my heart for accusation.
So I sit in my room and wonder what its like to let your feelings be known.

— The End —