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Josey Jun 2019
when you spin
the world spins too
a swirly mess of colors and hues
vibrant blues and greens that dance across a stage
long silk ribbons of blonde hair cry out from their cage
yellow pearls sprinkled on a green blurry mass
“slow down” screams the landscape
“can’t” you laugh “ I’m going too fast!”
I don’t know what this is:)
Josey Jun 2019
Come with me
Come leave the world behind to the people that can save it
Why endure this any longer when we can’t change it
Why do we continue to weigh it down with our mediocre livings
Fly high
Fly far
Where you can love who you are
I was listening to Lana del Rey’s song “religion“ and I thought of this :)
Josey Jun 2019
Remember back when we were friends
It seems so long ago
You have moved on and I have sorrow
I wish we didn’t have so many loose ends
I want to see your name on my phone
I’m tired of being empty and alone
Ya boi the big sad
Josey Jun 2019
Josey May 2019
Drowning down, down, down
I thought all these words had a nice ring to them :)
Josey May 2019
Through the narrow glass doors
I see the forest sprite with life
Branches covered in leaves
Like emeralds
A bright Sky just above
Like sapphires
A Hot fiery sun
Like gold
Jewels of all kind lay dormant in the minds of artists but sometimes fine beautiful thing such as jewels are described with a poets hand to show the world superficial beauty
Josey May 2019
“Croak” the evening toad bellows
Perched on a rock just above the constant reaching fingers of the stream
Greedy hands of water lap against his stone but such assertive motions do not phase the mighty toad
He believes himself to be so large when he is in fact so small
He owns the world and the little creek
The little cold stone not much bigger then a pebble laying  just below his feet he owns that too and plenty more for you own many things when you for once just let confidence explore
Love yourself and have a nice day:)
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