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Caroline Shank Dec 2022
Daughter of my life you are
still so fragile.  

I wait for the phone call that
will come any minute

Someone come and help me.
I grieve for your childhood. The
weather of our lives before
storms drove me underground.

You did your head to the
storm thing. Face forward to the
landscape of your reality.

I, underground, hid your self
against me.  I rode the waves
of your addictions.

To this Winter day I have only
the remnants left of your
early years. A few pictures,
a stuffed animal named Coffee.

You cannot come back to me.
Gone are your bounce and
the hugs around my waist.
Your tears that filled my brain
with helplessness.

You are all alone in this trap
of my mind.  The madness
slips through me.. Your tears
are but dry sand.

I want no tears to your
intentional desertion.
Silence to your pleas, and
old music before you



Caroline Shank
Caroline Shank Dec 2022
Help me make it through
Oh God of my unknowing
Brace MY name unto
even the farthest heartbeat.

The clocks dim.
I no longer hear the
Hand of years, the
children and the
getting. Minutes
bend the geography.

me to the

I lie

to Sleep

I pray.

Caroline Shank
Caroline Shank Dec 2022
Reflections on a Wednesday
While waiting for an appointment,
I am **** bench numb uncomfortable.
I glimpse the yellow corn fields
out of the window…

I am sixteen.  The Autumn
of my last New York year.

Oh no, I am not dead like
the girl in the book I read.

I'm old and my youth
touches me.  I no longer
jump like a girl, but i

The traps and snares of
memory, alive among the
detritus of those years
dump into my basket
like fishy Fridays.  

We had a cat as
white and feral as
lightning. She would
lick the Friday platter.
We worried about the

But I digress.

The corn leans in, a
deliberate stretch
to hear the sounds I

I was a child of the 50s.
So long ago.  

The memories
are squashed

by the army
of commuters

who always
smote my


Caroline Shank
Caroline Shank Dec 2022
Your early inborn magic did not
fortell the whirls and winds
of the future.  The shine of
youth ended in turbulence.

Dismania, like fingers, touched,
you.  Ivy on brick, the tendrils
pierced.  Walls of
uncertainty nourished
and you, welcomed the


There were no tomorrows.

Pulling you through the
mirror of myself you tore


No Magi, not even
with gifts of surcease
brought by the force

of love
released you.

Still the running child
you crash into a future
whose spiders claw at you.

Tomorrow waits
by your addiction.

Reach into the future
all you want,

you cannot tear the
crawl of your destiny


Caroline Shank
Caroline Shank Dec 2022
Morning has broken 🎶.  The song
of a single bird brings down night's
shadows, chimes the diurnal
trill of a new day.

The same shiny blue glare

Gathered moments.

Groceries for the soul.

Caroline Shank
Caroline Shank Dec 2022
I. The wind blew.

The journey was rough.
They bent to avoid the
amber sand.

Joseph was fierce in his

Mary encircled the
Child. Tonight
would change
The World.

II. Bethlehem

Jesus CRIED, the
wind  stopped,

Light of the World


III.  Christmas.

journey of the Magi.

The storm burned in
the night  A voice
In the wilderness

Peace came briefly.


toward Bethlehem

Caroline Shank
Caroline Shank Dec 2022
He caught her thinking.  The
crossed legs signed

She'd bloomed and thought
that tonight was lost

to expectation.

He rested his memory
of her smoke filled

Nothing left emptied

Caroline Shank
It is my attempt at an Ekphrastic poem but I can't add a picture here
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