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Caien Musharraf May 2020
That frustrating feeling
Like waking up with a
half remembered dream
Scream of your soul
When you do something that
made your heart to rest
Thirst of blood, flowing liquid
beneath your tongue
That lust of doing something wrong
Looking in the mirror knowing
it is not you
Having a clue about something
inside has died
You get the reward.. Still feel
hollow and put it aside
Like that squirrel that forgets the nut
she brought to eat
Tree grows from it but the squirrel
is long dead...
Caien Musharraf May 2020
Okay I see you
convey me if it is you
And I know you are long gone
Ruined me with a blow then sang a song
Like a pawn in snow  
Felt like God was watching me from heavens window
I thought I was in a waking  dream
It did seem everything was vivid like morphine
Clean thoughts injected by evil by bots
Your thoughts, lots of them must be like Steen
why not you must love painting world in your theme
Screams of doves is what the hunter loves
Schemes he plots before the adrenaline reaches the bloodstream
That's what they dream when they think they are doing justice
Don't wink and tell em they are worthless
I am a supporter of the hunter that slay those
hypocrites under the flag of "dove"
'cause like those "doves" they **** others children
**** people with a "legal reason"
Soon they will start a brand new season
Do read hove a dove raises her children in others nes
it took a fire for them to listen
streets filled with rage a grief so
powerful it burnt into
the pigs still standing, pigs defending
walking home from harlem
you met the ghost of your past
tell her softly how
nothin much has changed round here
wipe her tears
and prepare her graying skin
for the hoses
the hanging tree that never
grows tired of hanging
learning how to love
like resetting your very anatomy,
the oppressed majority
the intelligent master
“we duin do nofin”

shoot him shoot him again
make sure he’s dead
file a report

have an open casket for the media
a nation that treaded over the dead hands of beggars
expected to mourn thugs
the flag used to gag
as they ***** you behind barns

a black woman carrying her mistress’s child

did you see it
when you passed by?
the ***** in their eyes
the ***** in their eyes.
Caien Musharraf May 2020
The windows to the soul were shut
Coals were burned in hearts of men
Sometime we pray to God
Sometime we curse God
Sometime we forget God
Sometime we become God
Our false beliefs of becoming the start dust lord
Pride like an octopus tentacle
Gets us down every time
Life has become like a poem with that same end rhyme
Now and then we lose to ourselves
Not "now and then" but every time
I wanted to climb the ladder of life
But that snake bites me by the time I reach ninety-nine
But you know you
whatever may happen
Surely gonna win sometime :)
Caien Musharraf May 2020
Wicked was the lobsters
His shell like jellyfish's slime
Man with eagles wings and fox heads
Wolf eyed children with clocks in there brain
Am i not real like a leaf fallin from the tree
Popular pollen jaming the thoughts in the cortex
Willing to make peace winth soft sponge stones
Lone blood of infant on lithium like I
Why cry for good loses
Loses are more precious than victory
Pride is more expensive than clown like poverty
And we see like a clild falcon sniffing the sent of the worm our mother brought
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