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 Apr 2017 Agent G
Tyler Lockwood
it's just a t-shirt but
there's something comforting
about how it carries
the smell of your worn out sheets
a cute lil write
 Apr 2017 Agent G
as i close my eyes
a land so bizarre appears before my sight
full of mystics, stillness, and trickery
and this hollow heart of mine
sprout the **** of curiosity
how could this be so real?

a flash before my eyes
the sky lifts me up so high
and stretches the arms of mine
like birds soaring up the sky
i flap them side by side
with my heart in wonderment, I ponder

reflects before my very eyes
an aesthetic resemblance of mine
with great affection gazes at me
with awe our eyes meet and merge
lil flowers sprout out from between the ******* of ours
a chest of exquisite embellishment

this strange land far away
where i set my foot with ease
waters crystallize and dance with elegance
flowers and trees smile and breathe
how could this be so real?
then suddenly...

darkness fell on me
mystic land decayed
waters ran blood and miasmic
flowers and trees  called out death
i trembled in fear I want to flee
but the grass clasp my legs impossible to leave

— The End —